10 indicted in decade-long cargo theft operation, will be tried in February

| January 16, 2014

Ten men have been indicted on charges of conspiracy and theft for allegedly stealing nearly $1 million in trucks, trailers and cargo in a period of more than 10 years, and their trial is set to begin Feb. 18. 


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The 10 men in Kansas City, Mo., have been accused of conspiring to steal five trucks and 17 trailers between 2005 and 2011. They stole loads ranging from appliances to dog food.

The 25-count indictment includes charges against:Kenneth Ray Borders, 42, Christopher Dwight Turner, 44, Reginald Shawn Tidwell, 43, Harold Robertson, 55, Verdie Carr, Jr., 53, Ryonell Eugene Fredrick, 45, Michael O’Neal Foster, 54, and Myron Piggie, 51, all of Kansas City, Jon Dirk Dickerson, 55, of Raytown, Mo., Kyle Wayne Dickerson, 30, of Holden, Mo.


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Authorities say that Borders, Foster, Tidwell and Turner would steal the equipment and the contents, and then the two Dickersons would disguise and alter the vehicles after they were stolen. 

The others charged in the case — convenience store owners — are believed to have received the cargo after it was stolen. 

Others also are believed to have used the stolen trucks later by disguising them and using fraudulent VIN numbers. 

At next month’s trial, 65 witnesses are expected to testify, and the trial is expected to last nearly a month.

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  • Vrahnos

    Thank you lord and lets spred this story far and wide.

  • guest

    We need to make an EXAMPLE of those Horse Thieves…
    Hang Them! Our Trucks and our Safety are important. These criminals should be EXECUTED in my opinion..sending a message NOT to disturb Truckers.
    Stiff Penalaties need to be IMPOSED and INFLICTED on those who lay in wait for Truckers and our Cargo….in the interest of National Security it is imperative that WE are able to operate SAFE from Criminals delivering the nations supplies….I say EXECUTE these BASTARDS.

  • guest

    If theJudge wants to coddleand kiss the ASS of these criminals then let him and his “colleagues” deliver the nations Freight. Send a Message to Hijackers and Truck thieves by EXECUTING these Bums.

  • Joe Skeptical

    To be consistent, it would also be necessary to put more than few trucking companies out of business. The way they attempt to recruit, train and then (mis)treat drivers is not much different.

  • guest

    No Doubt..drivers are Abused rudely by trucking companies constantly…treated like crap…..trucking is a disgusting P.O.S. industry…one of the WORST. Average lifespan is age 61…tell ya anything??

  • Dorothy mellott

    About time something was done,Drivers are getting ripped off all the time .The next thing need looked at is the lumper services in the food industries,Its out right bull at the fees that are paid out to unload a truck that there going to make money on any way .that’s like getting paid for the load twice,

  • Cary Davis

    WOW! Someone needs an anger management class.

  • Cary Davis

    WOW! Someone needs an anger management class. Apparently this guy is raging enough to need to post his anger twice in two different ways!

  • Larry

    This is true about Lumbers. Some places they will not let you go inside to see why they need to re-pallet a broken pallet that is isn’t damaged. They get an extra $100.00 to $150.00. When notified dispatch, they said they charge certain companies extra to cover false claims. It’s a price hike racket.

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