163 citations given for unsafe driving around trucks

| March 15, 2012

A sheriff’s office near Portland, Ore., made 216 traffic stops and issued 163 citations during a recent two-day exercise on I-5 that focused on aggressive driving around trucks.

On March 8-9, Washington County sheriff deputies issued citations for violations such as speeding, tailgating and unsafely changing lanes. The majority of vehicles cited in the operation were passenger vehicles, although trucks were also cited.

A deputy rode in an Oregon Department of Transportation truck, observed traffic and radioed ahead to other officers to stop offenders. The trucks traveled in a short loop between freeway interchanges.

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  • Gordon A

    Whooray for the sheriffs dept for going the extra mile in attacking the problem of aggressive drivers.
    It is refreshing to see law enforcement address the real issues and causes.
    Now if we can get other states and localities go this route many problems we face on a daily basis will be eliminated or greatly reduced. Educating the public is going to work. The pocket book emptying is one way to teach a lasting lesson.