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1970s-era Overdrive staffer enjoyed storied past

| August 24, 2011

Bonnie Robinson, who served as an Overdrive receptionist during the 1970s, posted a great note on the Facebook page for OverdriveRetro this week. “When the offices were located in Hollywood, we had an old PBX board in a room by itself facing the street with a gate to admit people upstairs to the offices,” she wrote.

“Within a block or two, there were Wally Heider’s studios, recording stars, the Gong Show auditions and everything else near Hollywood and Vine. It added a lot of color,” Robinson said. “A hearse parked outside on the street around the time of Hoffa’s disappearance and bomb threats added more excitement.”

Robinson, who has lived and worked along the West Coast since those days, is going to be featured on OverdriveRetro in September. Check back for more of hers — and others’ stories already posted on OverdriveRetro’s “Years Ago” features.

In the meantime the former staff told Overdrive: “After all these years, Mike Parkhurst and his dad remain great memories.”

It will be great talking to you, Bonnie, and sharing more of your stories with our readers.

  • linda vilan

    This was a great info piece….
    where is the artical?, and more from
    the author on this story!!!
    Like to see more

  • john reed

    I remember the place and the time well. And all the people. Will be great seeing ya’ll again.

  • john reed

    The thing is I can’t seem to find the specific story you reference. Where is it?

  • Mike Parkhurst

    Bonnie was the greatest receptionist and “face” of Overdrive
    in what most truckers today call the
    good old days when Overdrive actually
    did something for truckers and, in fact, the nation. So, if Bonnie reads this
    tell her I am in touch frequently with
    Angie and Jim. Angie got married and
    has three grown kids, just now entering
    college. I live 100 miles from Jim.
    Paul Goeppner, one of my great artists,
    in fact, the greatest, died around
    Thanksgiving ten years ago. My father
    died in September, 1983 at the age of
    92. Take Care, Bonnie, hope you are
    doing well. Sincerely, Mike

  • Bonnie Robinson

    MIKE PARKHURST !! my Hero
    Thank you!
    What a thrill to hear from you and with such a compliment..
    Happy to hear Angie and Jim’s around
    Angie has three adult kids … wow. .
    The world is missing Paul’s special humor, can only imagine how he would use current news.

    Hope the story on this site is ok
    It is upsetting when the facts are wrong, even if it is a reader’s comment..
    Found other articles on different sites one had you dead!
    Your dedication, integrity and courage left quite an impression.
    “They don’t make them like you any more.”
    You deserve better, History needs the truth.
    Lets keep in touch. you can find me on Facebook or, email.
    Your note put a big smile on my face.

  • Bonnie Robinson

    Mike Parkhurst I have a question for you please email me
    Thank you

  • Tristen


    Thank you for visiting our location last week and for sending me a letter. I appreciated your time and hope you come back to visit us soon.

    Many thanks,
    Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza


    IAM the newphew of william BOOTS minor. of new jersey i really enjoyed those trucker conventions my uncle and aunt mabel minor use to bring us to.uncle boots past on aunt mabel still living and we always talk about those good times at the conventions. HEY REMEMBER !!!!! SUPER BOSS tyrone malone and THE CALIFORNIA BULL HAULER THOSE TRUCK DRAG RACES.THE BEST

  • Bill Reed

    I understand you were good friends with my family in Ohio before Overdrive mag started. Betty Reed, Paul Reed, Melody, Peggy, Johnny,Sally. My sisters remember meeting you. We were wondering how you are doing, would love to hear from you sometime,e mail me if you would like.

    Best Regards,
    Bill Reed

  • Melody Reed Scarpitti

    This is for Mike also: My name is Melody Reed Scarpitti. Please e-mail me at your convenience. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.