67 ways to save on fuel

| July 09, 2013
fuel savings

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$4 a gallon diesel is the new normal, and that figure may be considered dirt cheap a few years from now.

A single mile per gallon gained is huge in savings terms. With diesel at $4 a gallon, an owner-operator averaging 6 mph and driving 120,000 miles a year will save $16,000 a year over one who averages 5 mph.

There’s no silver bullet or quick-fix solution to improving fuel economy. However, across the board changes and paying attention to several small gains can incrementally add up to some big savings.

To that end, Overdrive put together a comprehensive list last fall and dedicated a special page to it.

Fuel savings tips are broken down into six categories: Anti-idling, tires, driving strategy, aerodynamics, analyzing data and other. The whole list is available for free at OverdriveOnline.com/fuel-savings-tips. Click here to see them.

  • John Barsness

    Why are we believing $4 is the new normal and that may seem cheap in the future? I am hoping after we toss the current administration out of office in 2014 and 2016, we’ll see gasoline and diesel at under $2.00 per gallon! We are sitting on a huge oilfield; politics and environmental whackos are running the energy show, so we have windmills and solar panels instead of cheap oil. This economy would turn around tomorrow if energy were at common sense levels.

  • martymarsh

    There is only one way to save on fuel if you have tried everything else, driver for someone else.

  • Daryl Wirth

    doing 8.4 with my truck

  • Rolling Donut

    Fuel will go back down to $2 per gallon as soon as the aviation industry goes back to wood and fabric covered bi-planes

  • Mike Smith

    Yeah, why is this $4 bug being planted in our ear. And would allowing 10-20 million Mexicans that have Invaded our country drive up furl prices even more. YES it does. If someone’s trying to set us up to believe in $4 fuel then they need to start talking about, 1st stopping the Mexican Invasion. Then stop all immigration, illegal immigration AND legal immigration because we SHOULD clearly see that 10’s of millions of these invaders are DRIVING UP are costs in all things except of course cheap MEXICAN’s attacking our construction JOBS, which developers AND contractors love. And most importantly they have been and are driving down our truck driving pay. AMERICAN citizens need to wake up. The pursuit of happiness means our ability to prosper and this is another part of our rights under attack along with the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendment.

  • Marc

    As the article states $16,000.00 divide by 120000 miles is only .14 cents a mile

    and if your running at 1.49 a mile your hauling way to cheap and should drive for someone else .so if average 2.00 a mile for the 120000 miles thats 240000.00 so Im at .50 a mile more times 120000 miles is $60,000.00 dollars Fuels goes up Rates go up a 500 mile run over night is 2000 – 2600 dollars if not then don’t haul it just deadhead to get Great Freight get paid for all miles its your trucking company and you need to Know what you need to be paid and where to run too. Eduction is the KEY to making Money

  • Mario

    You drive a ford F350 right?

  • jon

    I spent 2 years attempting to make my truck run better and get better fuel mileage.
    CAC, 3-axle and 5-axle alignments, fuel filters, kinked fuel lines, overhead, running slower, exhaust manifold and gaskets (X2) and a bunch of other things.

    In the end, it was a simple barometric pressure sensor that was bad. Freightliner wanted to charge me north of $400 to test it and charge me to install it and the part.

    I bought the part on a whim with a solid thought it was bad. Only places I could get any decent fuel mileage was at sea level. Boston, Florida or Seattle areas were my best spots.

    In May, I was averaging 6.1 mpg. After changing the baro sensor on my S60, 7.1 mpg.

  • James

    The oil price is set by the stock market! And speculators have driven the price of crude oil way up, it’s not coming back down ever!

  • the musketeer

    Outside of spending alot of money on an older truck on ce or payments on a newer truck. You have to weigh and decide where, how, and when you run your truck. Atmospheric conditions apply year round. Cold weather does impact the temperature of fuel and consequently reduces mpg. Warmer weather has a better running mpg. What I have found out with many different trucks is the lower the rpm the better the mpg. I read thru the most of the 67 ways to save fuel. I recommend we have a discussion about that rather than p&m a out the cost of fuel. I personally think that is needed to furthering the up side talking to and educating us all to better understand how we can make a positive contribution and difference to the benefit of the future of trucking.

  • Trucking 101

    As an Owner Operator Car Hauler I’m lucky if I get 5 miles per gallon.

    It is what it is..

    If fuel ever dropped to $2 a gallon I’d probably stay in this game of madness.

    For now. . I plan on getting out asap

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