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Driver voices raised against highway bill amendment to resolve state/federal legal conflicts

Protection of independent/small-fleet business freedom or "wage theft" from company drivers? A growing conflict over a highway-bill amendment as House-Senate conference gets under way.

Podcast: Highway bill effort to resolve federal/state legal conflict over carrier services, driver wages

New court interpretations of the FAAAA introduce contradictions between federal and state law (particularly in California) that challenge percentage- and mileage-based compensation. In this podcast, legislation currently under consideration to ...

Poison pill for independents in the House highway bill?

With the House T&I committee's markup of the highway bill under way today, detail on a provision that could have a chilling effect on broker business with independents and small ...

$400k trucks? Overdrive talks to CCTA’s Joe Rajkovacz about impact of emissions regs

A recent decision by a federal court denied the California Construction Trucking Association's appeal of the EPA’s greenhouse gas standards based on a lack of standing.

Appeals court upholds dismissal of CCTA lawsuit against CARB regs

According to Joe Rajkovacz, CCTA government affairs director, further action is under way: "We will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court."

Entry level driver training podcast: The data problem

What's dogged any training rule for the last 20 years? There's no particular evidence of a relationship between adequacy of training and drivers' safety on the road.

Podcast: Legal delays as CARB rules ‘go hard-fast’

As lawsuits against the California Air Resources Board hit the same technical "buzzsaw" and get delayed and delayed, notes Joe Rajkovacz of the CCTA, deadlines for rules compliance come and ...

Thursday round-up: What deer whistles, elections and NASTC’s annual meeting have in common

Tools designed to mitigate hazard, maybe? At least one of these, maybe two (and it's not the NASTC meet, I can assure you) doesn't normally work so well. Nonetheless, fingers ...

Big data blowback: Trucking goes to Congress over CSA

Behind the CSA bill -- H.R. 5532 would require FMCSA to revamp the CSA program, pulling scores and non-crash-associated data from public view in the meantime. Prognosis for the bill ...

CARB’s ‘loan denial provision’ less appealing by the minute

Details on proposed changes to amendments to CARB's Truck and Bus Rule adopted earlier in the year -- owner-operators have through Thursday, July 17, to comment on the changes.

Trucker-cycler Scott Grenerth relocates: To Grain Valley

A walk through memory of recent years following the day I met Grenerth running on a Nashville road with Jasmine "Jazzy" Jordan in 2010; Grenerth is now OOIDA's regulatory affairs ...

Checking in with ‘Truckers against CARB’ — rally, public meeting Thursday

Video interview with Loren Hutnick about his "Truckers Against CARB" rally planned for Thursday in Sacramento, as CARB takes up public comment on the flexibility-enhancement provisions it introduced earlier in ...

FMCSA updates website

The public face of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at has been lifted -- or changed, as it were, with a somewhat comprehensive redesign.

Take advantage of CARB’s comment period by April 21

"This is by no means a 'done deal,'" notes Joe Rajkovacz of the CCTA. "Truckers need to participate in the public-comment process – even show up at the Board meeting ...

Acquisition, maintenance cost worries stand out in post-2018 efficiency standards conversation

Readers sound off on President Obama's announcement of plans for post-2018 model truck fuel-efficiency/emissions standards.

GAO CSA report fallout: More small-carrier inspections on the way?

Some watchers feel that "reprioritizing" inspection criteria to grab and tie up more and more of the "little guys" among carriers on the road might be the onerous result of ...

CARB diesel regs’ human toll: Family uprooted, split by move’s necessity

Checking in Martin and Alice Jez -- formerly of Galt, Calif. The pair have moved to Michigan anticipating CARB's regs relative to their 2000 Freightliner, splitting them from a six-year-old ...

CARB public meetings clarify proposed rule amendments, hear other ideas

In addition to the previously reported six-month "Good Faith" extension, detail here on proposed new NOx-exempt areas and concurrent extensions, a fast-approaching funding deadline, and more.

CARB: Operators’ voices, more on the regs in podcast part 2

This feature podcast follows the Monday, Nov. 25, installment on CARB's 11th-hour flexibility maneuvering. Call 530-408-6423, state your name and location, and give us your view on the state's emissions ...

Podcast: CARB compliance flexibility, or lack thereof, not set in stone

In the first of two podcasts on CARB's 11th-hour flexibility maneuvering, Joe Rajkovacz of the CCTA urged operators around the nation to get involved in the process, as potential new ...