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Is the ELD mandate’s pre-2000 exemption simply delaying the inevitable?

At least one analyst says yes, within 24 months of the ELD mandate going into effect, “nearly everyone will need an ELD, whether they like it or not, purely from ...

Kansas studies truck parking issues, plans to use grant for remedies

In the Kansas Statewide Freight Network Truck Parking Plan released earlier this month, KDOT and KTA said truck drivers were spending up to 30 minutes a day looking for parking. ...

New partnership could lead to expansion of truck parking availability technology

eX² Technology and Truck Smart Parking Services have partnered to offer a solution to address the nationwide parking shortage problem. TSPS already operates in Michigan, and the partnership with eX² ...

Turning your phone into a dashcam

Have you tried any of the available smartphone apps designed to turn your device into a functional dashcam allowing for saving clips for exoneration/evidence and other purposes?

Regulations to present challenge, opportunity in the new year

At's first user conference in Dallas, company head Scott Moscrip expressed cautious optimism about the coming year and previewed new payment, rate, insurance and other products.

POLL: Do you use push-to-talk functionality/devices other than the CB?

With the rise of smartphone apps enabling push-to-talk functionality on such devices, and the continued attraction of the Nextel-popularized function, this poll looks at current use of the technology.

‘Apps 4 Truckers’ podcast from longtime driver

Trucker Tim Spence's Apps4Truckers podcast combines interviews with drivers and reviews of smartphone apps with a focus on being "the transition place," Spence says, between technical software instruction and information ...

On-demand load matching: Where it’s on the way

Tech startups aimed at long-haul TL need critical mass of freight, carrier capacity and more to compete with systems entrenched in the freight market, themselves adopting some Uber-like functionality. ...

On-demand load matching: Where it’s happening

As mobile communications technology advancements give rise to streamlined freight transactions, some startups go so far as doing it all with a single app. Who will be the 'Uber of ...

Partners in Business: Computers, Mobile Devices and the Internet

Online trucking resources combined with ever-cheaper digital tools can help you work faster, smarter and more profitably.

National ‘smart truck parking’ system in the works, will show real-time parking info

A system that will use road signs, smartphone apps, websites and in-cab messaging to allow drivers to find parking availability in real-time took a step toward nationwide deployment this week, ...

Smartphone, tablet logging apps no longer require printing or manual signatures, FMCSA says

Digital logs produced by smartphone, tablet or computer apps no longer have to be printed and signed manually by drivers, according to new guidance on digital logs issued by FMCSA. ...

OTR Digital Tookit: Business, news, lifestyle, locator resources for owner-operators

Our editors have scoured what’s available in terms of websites, online software, smartphone apps, podcasts, email newsletters, social media and blogs and built a list of the top picks for ...


Watch a wealth of television programming and movies free and on demand via this streamingservice – and with a Hulu Plus subscription, much more. Tablet and smartphone apps offer another ...

Rolling Strong

Membership ($144 annually) in this health and wellness organization comes with access to Rolling Strong’s health-related smartphone apps, discounts on prescriptions and healthy sandwiches atsome truck stops, efficient workouts and ...

Ovedrive Radio: A few podcast apps to get you started

Not sure where to start in getting into podcasts? Here are a few apps for both Android and iOS to help you delve into it.

Trip-planning / service locator app bags prize; hours hearing vid

Another play in the trucking smartphone-apps landscape, with a robust trip-planning function; and full video of this week's House Small Business Committee's hours of service hearing.

Trucker Tools in the gray lady; Channel 19 getting quieter?

The decline of the CB via the profusion of trucking smartphone apps and the phones themselves gets treatment in the NY Times, and readers weight in on why Channel 19 ...

Credit, net income improving for owner-operators

A few sunny spots for owner-operators, and a few tips on increasing the profitability of your operation.

Prime driver comes out on top of company cycling competition

Mario Almendarez rode a total of 538.99 miles to win the carrier's 2013 May Bicycle Challenge.