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Regs outlook: Change is in the air

Between hope and a hard place: The potential import for owner-operators of a new federal administration as regards ELDs, speed limiters, CARB's pursuit of an Ultra-Low NOx emissions standard and ...

Thursday roundup: Chiropractors and sleep apnea tests, Rhode Island throws parking bone to truckers

Road report from owner-operator Joe Bielucki on a recently-reopened Rhode Island truck rest area on I-95, and a view on the Medical Review Board's recent apnea screening/testing recommendation: Should chiropractors ...

FMCSA advisory boards will meet this month to discuss sleep apnea screening rule

Two separate FMCSA advisory boards will meet separately and jointly Oct. 24 to focus on recommendations for a rule to require sleep apnea screening and treatment for at-risk drivers.

The funding for safety groups, the salaries of their chiefs

Funding levels in some recent years for Parents Against Tired Truckers, Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH), somewhat-related group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and others among the ...

When regulation hurts worse than paltry pay

When nearly two-thirds of truckers (for owner-operators alone, 71 percent), working ridiculously long hours for modest pay, are far more aggravated over regulations and lack of respect than they are ...

MCSAC policy panel’s long shift toward safety advocates

How it happened: When the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee began meeting in 2007, it had four members with direct involvement in trucking. Today, there are three direct trucking members. ...

Truck crash data collection: Action items for new advisory committee

Report from the first meeting of the MCSAC Post Accident Report Subcommittee, tasked by Congress with identifying areas for improvement in accident data collection, including primary causation factors.

CSA reform package in highway bill includes added incentive/bonus program for motor carriers

The "Beyond Compliance" incentive/credit program's inclusion in the highway bill ensures its regulatory pursuit. Inclusion follows exploration of the idea by FMCSA and numerous commenters earlier this year.

FMCSA committees meeting this month to talk driver health

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced a joint meeting of its Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and its Medical Review Board.

Rewarding owner-operators for safety? FMCSA looking at ‘Beyond Compliance’ incentive program

Incentives proposed by FMCSA include credit on CSA scores, credit on ISS scores and fewer roadside inspections.

Audio mailbag: Liability insurance, sleeper berth flexibility

The first in a series of Voices podcasts airing editorial comment on a variety of issues, here stemming from discussion of both sleeper berth period flexibility and FMCSA's planned liability ...

Data on cross-border program insufficient, FMCSA committee says; Mex carriers continue operation

An FMCSA advisory committee approved a report critical of the U.S.-Mexico cross-border pilot program, notably the program's lack of inspection data and participation. Mexican carriers in the program now have ...

MCSAC to get new chairman — and a little CSA deja vu

Ever wonder what FMCSA's current administrator sounds like? Hear him reveal the incoming MCSAC advisory committee chair here. Also: No wonder trucking went to Congress over CSA, and more from ...

Division on liability insurance hike in the spotlight at regulatory meeting

An FMCSA advisory committee discussion offered insight into how the agency will proceed with its rulemaking to increase liability insurance minimums and the potential consequences facing small business truckers if ...

Committee recommends doc questionnaire on prescription pain meds

Industry representatives worried that the questionnaire would put yet another stumbling block in the driver medical certification process; doctors argued it would help document their determination of whether a driver ...

FMCSA planning to launch split-sleeper flexibility study

The common refrain that the hours rules need to better encourage drivers to "drive when rested and sleep when tired" to be tested by the FMCSA.

Far from just a ‘driver gripe’: Parking a growing concern for fleets, too

A perennial concern of drivers and owner-operators stands firm in the ranks at the No. 6 position in a prominent fleet survey: Truck parking,

Cross-border pilot program reaches official end

The 13 U.S.-Mexico pilot program carriers cleared to haul into the U.S. interior, beyond the border commercial zone, will continue to have authority to operate in U.S.

Driver medication use, cross-border trucking, insurance hikes on the docket for FMCSA committee meetings

The agency's advisory committee will meet with FMCSA's Medical Review Board to talk medications like painkillers and amphetamines, and it will meet by itself to discuss the liability insurance increase ...

Hours of service remains top concern in carrier survey

Fleet difficulty finding drivers rose to No. 2, followed by CSA, driver retention, the ELD mandate and truck parking. Weight in yourself via this post's related poll and in the ...