Agency shuts down Texas carrier for hours, drug testing violations

| April 01, 2014

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced this week it has shut down a the Forest Hill, Texas-based FTW Transport, issuing an imminent hazard out-of-service order for violations related to hours-of-service compliance and drug and alcohol regulations.

FMCSA says the company was involved in the past 12 months five crashes that could have been prevented, and in two of them, FTW drivers were cited for careless driving, the agency says.


URS: FMCSA begins deactivating carrier authorities with update-enforcement provision

Part of the rationale for the system is a clean-up of FMCSA data – the agency has begun deactivating motor carrier authorities that are not ...

Investigators for the agency discovered the carrier did not require its drivers to comply with hours-of-service limits or require them turn in HOS records or required documents like itineraries and fuel receipts.

FTW also did not monitor or ensure drivers complied with drug and alcohol regulations and did not properly drug test drivers, FMCSA says.

Click here to see a copy of the shut down order. 

This is the third fleet the agency has shut down this year. It has also shut down four drivers.

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  • g

    Texas company…usually employees are illegal aliens good riddence!! lol
    Bueno CSA good job…go hunt some more….

  • g

    They had 4 ALERT STATUSES….gee maybe a safety hazard?? Who the hell lets them haul their FREIGHT???? They were constantly placed OUT OF SERVICE coz driver had a SUSPENDED LICENSE??? as in I dontgive a damn??? My boss dont give a damn..the company we pull for dont give a damn?? Gee whats the problem officer?? They contantly received 50 and 60 CSA points each time their equipment was inspected….nothing wrong here officer……crashes with injuries often too. There are ALOT of these companies running today…..kind of a PISSOFF when the rest of us are hurrying to the truxtop with our Electro Log, Cutback truck so we arent in Violation….not even 1 minute with Elog…..but these Maniacs are operating with 4 Alert statuses?? Level playing field????? WTF????

  • g

    Look Cops…the crooks who own this company KNEW this day wascoming…they are probably already running as a Chamelon carrier…get clue cops……if we are supposed to kiss yer Butts everyday with Elogs..that means EVERYBODY has to Kiss yer Butts……arrest some illegal alien drivers and company owners while you are at it…….

  • Michelle

    The company I work for in Texas has us run paper logs, but the owner doesn’t give a crap about HOS. All but myself and one other driver run over hours nearly every day. The boss will run us 15 plus hours and doesn’t care.

  • jerry

    file an online complaint w/State of Texas Motor Carrier Division.

  • Jerry

    Web Link to read a copy of the Order will not open.

  • Joe Perez

    Just to let you know. Ignorance is a part of your life. Illegal aliens are not allowed to drive trucks. Because they can not get a commercial lic. And can not pass border patrol check points.

  • freight8

    I really think the feds should change the gvw requirement to run logs from 10,000 + to 8,000 +. Since their so adamant on changing all the rules that’s one they should look into more so then then guy who goes over his logs 15 minutes. Most of us out here are professional drivers and aren’t running these little 16′ trucks for thousands of miles with no requirement for breaks. Open your eyes dot. One of those 16′ trucks will do a lot more damage then a standard cargo van. It pisses me off seeing these guys swearing all over the road. Worst part is you know longer need to speak Spanish. The new language in expedite is Russian.

  • Mike Smith

    Illegal aliens have been allowed to get Drivers Lic’s in CA, thanks to that anti-American scum bag Gov Brown. There would seem to be no reason why the 3rd world savages in CA could not get a CDL as well, and work for substandard American wages, since anything they get in this wonderful country we built is 10 x’s + better than the crap hole they come from.

  • jesse wood

    sounds like a wet back company and no speak the english

  • g

    Jose…there are hundreds of documented COURT CASES here on the net….involving an illegal alien driving an 18 wheeler who crashed into unsuspecting Americans…..get a clue you P.O.S.

  • g

    So True!! These scumbags crawl over the fence and head for the Motor Vehicles Dept. Calif, Illinois, New Mexico and many More states cheerfully issue driver licenses to any illegal alien. Surely they can upgraded to CDL. Also thyconstantly ARREST employees at the Motor Vehicles Dept for SELLING jose and juan a CDL license for a fee. There are Thousands of illegal aliens from many countries driving trucks..many even have Hazmat!!!

  • guest

    Yep that has been standard in the industry forever…many company owners are not going to comply with hours of service…..if you wanted to stay LEGAL..the owners would look for ways to get RID of you..and find a more “profitable” driver.

  • guest

    This company owner probably closed up shop and went BACK to mexico with his PROFITS…where he will be hailed as a Hero by the mexican President…….probably hauled ALOT of DOPE.

  • Mike Smith

    Jose; is a CLUUUUUUE. As everyone has to notice, Mexicans, legal, illegal, and Mexican reps in OUR country vote for ANYTHING that supports the illegal aliens in our country against us. They are banning together in our OWN country. AND our government ALLOWS it. We are experiencing a New Modern Form of Genocide.

  • Mike Smith

    History dictates these things to be an act of war on us.

    Gov/corps, a Fascist organization, have seceded in disguising this flood, of willing 3rd world slaves into our country, as “undocumented immigrants”, and immigrants. They are 3rd world slaves, INVADING our country, AND our gov is PROTECTING THEM as well as allowing them to birth for free, costing us billions per yr.(our debt is 17 trillion, in large part do to Mexico/Mexicans.

    We fought a Civil War to STOP the slavery. It was a threat to Northerners.

  • Jim Bob

    Ummm…. The FMCSA has shut down 3 fleets this year……ummmm…….WTF that is absurd….I can name 20 fleets in my town alone running like this carrier in the story. …. lol sad sad sad. …. The rebels continue to rule the Trucking industry!

  • Christie Fields

    …and thus the reason for elogs.

  • David S. McQueen

    There are many avenues you can use to report violations of safety regulations. The Texas government, the FMCSA, OSHA . . . no one can require or permit you to violate the law.

  • JR

    10,000 LBS GVWR and above do have to run a log book if they run out side 1 100 mile radius of the terminal. Under 100 mile radius have to be on a time shhet for hours of service. What are you talking about?

  • guest

    So True! Now most of our gov are mexicans too….making things Worse!

  • Gary Kendall

    Jesus H Christ. After reading these comments, I am glad I retired from trucking OTR in ’03, and from local driving in ’08

  • Brian

    I find it hard to believe that companies allow force or as michele described her company owner as doesn’t care if they run illegal…. its people like her and the other folks that make these false claims…. That gives this industry a black eye….. I personally have been OTR for over 20 + yrs and have never been told forced or suggested to run illegal… why would anybody want to be tracked or watched…… do you realize they can’t tell where convicted child molester is at every min of the day but yet they will be able to tell where a truck driver is…

  • mike.g

    Wow.. From a subject of work to racism…thats why i dont have a cb in my truck. its not what it use to be out here. To much filth no respect nor common curtosy..reading some of your post reimburses the fact that truck drivers are low life ,smelling bad, no sence hypocrytes who cant stick together.. Ashame to be known as a truck driver proud to do my job with respect to the driver next to me. even when he dont give a damm. Stay safe you filthy varmints.. Mike. G

  • some1

    Yea… the dope your kids buy.

  • some1

    I agree. Most of these cowards hide online or on the cb. Bunch of punks who wouldn’t dare say anything to someone’s face.

  • some1

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  • some1

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  • Mike Smith

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  • Mike Smith

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