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Agency to start process of hiking carrier insurance minimums with MCSAC meeting

| May 01, 2014

Tow-away rollover crashAn FMCSA committee will meet this month to begin work on the agency’s plan to raise the minimum amount of liability insurance required by carriers.


FMCSA: Current insurance minimums for carriers ‘inadequate,’ new rule coming

The current $750,000 minimum liability insurance required to be held by carriers is too low, said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this week, and ...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee will meet May 19-20 in Alexandria, Va., to “discuss ideas and suggestions” for changes to the minimum insurance requirements for trucking companies.

The meeting announcement builds on a report released last week by FMCSA that concluded the current $750,000 minimum is too low, and that the agency plans to pursue rulemaking to raise the minimum. Click here to read Overdrive’s coverage of the agency’s report.


CSA crash-weighting study to be released in June, FMCSA says

Full implementation of the Safety Fitness Determination rule, which would replace the current safety-rating system, could follow two years after a hoped-for September proposal. More ...

FMCSA says the current minimum, set in 1985, has not kept up with measures of inflation, especially those related to medical costs, and does not “adequately cover catastrophic crashes.”

The American Trucking Associations, however, refutes the agency’s findings, saying the agency’s study lacked depth and that raising insurance minimums has no correlation to highway safety.

Likewise, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association cites data that says only 1 percent of all crashes in which trucks are involved exceed $750,000 in cost.

  • Dave

    When are these dinks going to start looking into imposing guidelines on these “driving” schools so that not everyone can get a CDL???

    Leave my wallet alone!

  • Peter Evans

    How about. Stop forcing us to drive tired. Just a thought. Stupid rules cause crashes.

  • Ron

    That’s what happens when you take an attorney from one of the largest ambulance chasing law firms in Pennsylvania and elect him to be a U.S. Senator. His first official business was to introduce legislation to raise the trucking insurance minimums. Guess 33% of $750,000 just isn’t enough for his family of thieves.

  • Guest

    They have no Choice but to raise insurance Minimums and Rates. Skilled Journeymen have LEFT the industry in disgust…and they are bringing on Thousands of inexperienced kooks to ATTEMPT to drive..but they usually leave within One Year……Insurance Companies are protecting themselves for the inevitable Slaughter on the nations highways.

  • guest

    Surprising that Calif weigh station Cops CONTINUE to kill motorists. For YEARS..the unsuspecting car driver PLOWS under the big rig who is FORCED to park in the SLOW LANE a mile down the road in the lineup.
    San Onofre weigh station AGAIN kills mother and child as their car plows
    into a Ralphs truck…forced to park in the slow lane behind 100 delayed trucks waiting to be “inspected” by ROOKIE cops!!!! Insurance companies have to worry about dumb as well as beginner “truckers”….Rates will continue SKYWARD….the Carnage is overwhelming ALREADY…and tons of Journeymen truckers are leaving trucking for good reason. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.