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‘American Trucks’ from across the pond; Need-a-new-lane blues

| July 01, 2014

American Trucks, by Ulysse Frechelin


The book pictured above with some of its interior images is a new fine-art photo book from Swiss photographer Ulysses Frechelin, The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland, (also with an outpost in Taipei, Taiwan) announced its first-ever book release today, attendant to news of Frechelin’s show at the gallery.  

Frechelin’s clever use of close-ups on hood ornaments, chrome reflections and more draw something of a surprising portrait not just of the trucks but of the culture and way of life they represent. 


A rare glimpse into the trucking lifestyle

Photographer Kim Reierson's work appears in the book "Eighteen" and Overdrive's new trucker appreciation video.

The photographer’s series of images came about during a chance road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Fe following a canceled job in L.A. that left him in the U.S. with two weeks’ time to fill. There’s definitely some compelling images here. You can find more via the publishing gallery’s website here, where pricing information on standard and limited-edition versions of the book are available. Click through a brief gallery of the images below.  

I-15 between Barstow and Vegas
Give us another lane already, says reader Eric Buckel of Salt Lake City, who wrote in thusly:


How to save fuel: ‘Fix the roads!’ researchers say

We all know the tire makers have done their due in improving truck-tire rolling resistance in recent years to help operators save fuel with tire ...

Was just wondering if there was any discussion or articles about the I-15 between Barstow and Las Vegas. It needs to be set to three lanes all the way, as there are a lot of travelers midweek. Baker grade has three lanes, but I’m talking about Barstow to Baker, and from the summit to the Nevada state line. A lot of other areas need to be more than the minimum two-lane freeway each side. Traveler volume is increasing and there needs to be a three-lane minimum for a lot of places.

Can you think of a few? Imagine so — tell us in the comments. 

  • Eric

    Hey thanks OM for putting my thought out there.. Maybe this will start something! .

  • Cartoonkir

    The 395 in California from Hesperia to Bishop
    All of the I5 from grapevine to Portland
    The Nevada 95 Vegas to Fallon

  • bigred

    How about this for thought…Ca. has cut out half the trucks at least from even entering the state. Why would our Tax Dollars even go towards fixing any roads in Ca???

  • eric

    And that is why they are building a big scale south of Primm, nv… less trucks.. right. ..also it is the volume of cars that should prompt them to do it (make more lanes) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.