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Max Heine

An iconic movie monolith gets a customizer’s makeover

| March 25, 2014

I’ve written about customizer Randy Grubb before — how he designed the show truck whose video has been the most popular on Overdrive‘s YouTube channel. That would be Piss’d-off Pete, a sleek, chopped-down hot rod of a Pete, that’s also been featured on the Jay Leno’s Garage series.

Grubb's "Metal Man" gets creative.

Grubb’s “Metal Man” gets creative.

Well, Grubb has just released a quirky video: “2014: A Metal Odyssey starring Randy Grubb.” (You can see the vid below.) Think of a famous movie with “Odyssey” in the title and you’ll have an idea of this two-minute spoof, only there’s more. It was directed and produced by Randy Johnson.

You can also check out more of Grubb and his amazing creations.


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