72-hour inspection spree happening this week

| June 02, 2014


Roadcheck 2015 inspection spree set for next week, here’s CVSA’s checklists for drivers, carriers

Roadcheck, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, is scheduled ...

Roadcheck, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, will take place June 3-5.

CVSA says roughly 10,000 inspectors from state, local and federal enforcement agencies will during the 72-hour period be stationed at 1,500 inspection points across the U.S. to do roadside inspections of trucks and buses.


The Roadcheck effect

Take a visit to the mechanic? Go through the truck with a fine-toothed comb? ... How do you prepare for the annual 72-hour inspection blitz? ...

Last year, more than 70,000 inspections occurred during the program, resulting in a 22 percent out-of-service rate for equipment and a 4 percent out-of-service rate for drivers.

CVSA has on its site a checklist for drivers published on its site, highlighting a few of the main equipment targets for the blitz: Brakes, coupling devices, fuel and exhaust systems, lighting, cargo securement, steering, suspension, suspension and tires, wheels, rims and hubs. Click here to see the checklist. 

Roadcheck has been held annually since 1988 and has, according to CVSA, performed 1 million inspections.

OD Senior Editor Todd Dills wrote a “What to expect in Roadcheck 2014” piece last month. Click here to read it.

  • USMC 69-75

    You sound like the police plant, you apparently know squat about trucking, or your just some wannabe scab, that still knows nothing about trucking! It’s the likes of you and your offspring that give us the bad rep, and voted in this gestapo we are now serving! I have more miles backing up to a dock than you’ll ever dream of covering.
    I may be older than you, but wisdom and experience comes from age. So before you try to match wits with experience…..go get you some first, MORON! By the way, just a small piece of wisdom for you dum dum…..quit hauling cheap freight and get your own authority,, then you won’t be a slave to any man!

  • guest

    You spend time fighting tickets in COURT? And you love to trot into arms of cop inspectors to get a cute little sticker on yer windshield? since you are Obviously NOT running the 48 OR coast to coast….just what kind of GRAVY RUN are you on…that you call other truckers SCABS??? I guess YOU are not a SCAB…you are a UNION DRIVER??? We can all see you never actually GO anywhere…you are on yer computer 24/7 and able to head for the COURTHOUSE and contest citations??? I would imagine you drive for UPS??

  • guest

    Yep..you are a know it all Perry Mason trucker…plus a Donald Trump on wheels….real successful dude…we should all take notes in your presence.
    They probably laugh when they see you show up at the Courthouse…carry a briefcase…and demand an audience..command respect…as you “present your case”?? How hilarious…you are a comedian and a class A Blowhard.

  • bigred

    This year the FMCSA has said they don`t have enough data to adequately score small companies>>>>>This means get ready, small companies are about to be hammered this next year or so..they have already been working on my ONE truck company.

  • USMC 69-75

    If I told you “what kind of GRAVY RUN” you’d be the first to come and cut my rates and haul it for free, like the scab you are! Pathetic!
    To learn “what kind of GRAVY RUN”
    comes with time, and learning from your own and others mistakes, and growing up…..try it sonny, you’d be amazed at what you’d learn by shutting your pie hole and using your ears for something besides supporting your KOOL shades!

    I don’t have to go to a court house, I run legal, and for myself…. you must have a camera in my sleeper “you are on yer computer 24/7”
    That’s illegal you perverted peeping Tom, you get your kicks on watching guys???? Not even going there!
    Now P _ _ _ off and get a life and get that HOT cheap load delivered before your dispatcher fires your lazy butt!

  • USMC 69-75

    And you sound like a pathetic, jealous, entitlement mentality, wannabe! Keep trying boy, you’ll eventually grow up and grow a pair!

  • S.E.

    My husband is a great driver. He has been driving for over 30 years. He pulled into the left lane because a CHP was on the shoulder citing someone. A little ways down the road the officer pulled him over. For staying in the left lane too long. My husband told him he pulled into the left lane out of courtesy and because it is the law, and proceeded to go around a driver in the right lane, then resumed right lane travel. The officer said yes, that was him parked on the shoulder. Really??? So, he told the officer, you are citing me for being courteous? And how long is too long? To that question he did not have an answer. Pulled him into the scales, cited him for hos, which he later proved him wrong, and a full fledged inspection. The ticket was later amended for the hos. Turns out, the inspector was the brother of a truck driver in our hometown who our son gave a ticket to.

  • S.E.

    Does everyone have a biennial BIT inspection besides CA?

  • USMC 69-75

    Gotta love, turn around is fair play!!!!! Tell your husband to keep up the good work, and not change because of a bad apple. But that is one reason I gave up on CA, they are TOOOOO gestapo anymore. Use to be a nice place to pull out of!

  • MrNA

    I gotta throw in here.
    (1) I don’t like the name calling ! It doesn’t get anywhere positive.
    (2) All posters who say their truck is legal. Please let me inspect it. I will find something wrong. It has been said…each Inspector interprets differently and that is the gist of what most posters are saying. This June 3-5 there will be Inspectors purposely trying to interpret something wrong with your rig. The Inspectors are purposely looking for trouble will find it. That is what this blitz is all about.
    (3) Respect. I always give respect but have not always received it from officers. However I will not lower myself to others standards. ” You don’t have to yell or talk to me in a rude manner” is all I say. The rest is up to them.
    (4) Tickets. The new game for law enforcement is to not write a citation and notate your level whatever report.
    This way you are left with no legal recourse. Your CSA is blemished. Tell the cop you want a ticket. Then go fight it.
    (5) Yes I welcome a free safety inspection any day of the week. But I don’t welcome an over zealous blitz in the pretense of improving safety when actually it is a guise to induce fear in the motoring public and increase the job security of law enforcement.

  • Cary Lehr

    The number of responses that inspections are purely about “revenue generation” really shows the ignorance of the majority of people regarding the inspection process and the FMCSA methodology in general.So far this year, our company has had 77 inspections, with a 9.09% OOS rate (90% of which are for drivers FAILING to keep their logs updated, i.e it’s 5PM and they haven’t even STARTED a log for the day they got the OOS for logs) and of those 77 inspections, of the 31 with some sort of violation written, there have only been 3 actual citations that resulted in a fine written. Now, if it was all about revenue, wouldn’t there be a higher percentage of tickets written, rather than just inspection reports? (which carry NO monetary penalty)?

  • kevin

    DOT is making roads safe. You don’t like that go to fucking Mexico. I logged 1.5 million miles before I retired. I drive tour buses now and I still keep it looking brand new. Shut up a bout them being Nazi .

  • John F.

    I agree with you jackw. half of the steering wheel holders out here never check their equipment. they are too lazy to bother with actually doing their jobs. you can observe dozens of them every day rolling out of bed, and straight behind the wheel without checking anything. they are usually the ones broke down on the side of the road later that day, bitching up a storm. or crying about the big bad DOT man who put them OOS because they feel like the rules don’t apply to them, and they don’t have to do no stinkin pre, or post trips! it only takes 15-20 minutes a day to check under the hood, check the tires, brakes, and lights. its not that hard. and BTW… try using this neat little thingy called a tire gauge drivers! hitting, or kicking a tire is NOT checking it properly. I do relays, and I have to air up trailer tires every day because the lazy asses I work with can’t be bothered with a tire gauge!

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  • martymarsh

    For what they pay most, why would they even care, but bitching about other people doing there job comes easy when them people have to justify there job, and how do they do that? Nothing but a bunch of low life revenue agents that will live very well off of the tax payers back after they leave there job. These clowns have found a gold mine in the word safety, and you are working the wrong side of the street.

  • martymarsh

    No you agree with him because you are anything but a truck driver,

  • martymarsh

    Most people that talk like that are not even truck drivers, it is usually a low life dispatcher, they get paid to lie.

  • martymarsh

    After reading a lot of your comments I think I have now met the perfect person. I’m happy for you because you get to sleep in your bed every night and you have a good job. These long haul guys don’t have that privilege, not to mention most of them are under paid, yes I know get another job then. Of course you wouldn’t admit that the industry is under paid and most likely jumping from job to job is going to hurt them, not to mention most jump out of the frying pan in to the fire. What is it like to be perfect?

  • martymarsh

    I am ashamed of you.

  • martymarsh

    Safedriver, that is a funny one, who do you dispatch for, or better yet where are you stationed during the check, you are a clown.

  • martymarsh

    LMAO, you lied and kept a straight face, that was good. What caused these to come about in the first place, because there are so many killer truck drivers on the road, NO, they found a gold mine in the word safety, now get back under that truck.

  • martymarsh

    Carl, these guys that support this aren’t even drivers, why would anyone want to be stopped and checked, more so if they are so perfect.

  • martymarsh

    You stop the inspections and you stop the money wheel, they found a gold mine in the word safety. It has nothing to do with being lazy, now go back and inspect another one.

  • martymarsh

    What would you know about real drivers.

  • martymarsh

    One of the major problems, and you are well aware of it, these guys are underpaid not to mention a lot of them know nothing about trucks. Also not that you will admit being on that side now, but there is a lot of people that will find something wrong when there isn’t anything wrong, they have found a gold mine in the word safety, if that isn’t bad enough, we will never be more corrupt than we are today.

  • martymarsh

    Wow, you are a liar and you suck, I use to have respect for you, I guess it was the Marine thing, but now I know there are even Marines with no integrity.

  • martymarsh

    You are right they are state, and they are union.

  • martymarsh

    Wow, 1.5 hey, I think I backed up that far, but feel free to enjoy the corruption, after all no matter how you look at it you still pay for it.

  • martymarsh

    No, actually it shows how many know the truth and your rant can’t change that.

  • ben

    This damn trigger happy rednecks will try to put anyone out of service just to look good, it ain’t worth the hassle.

  • martymarsh

    It’s all about lies and of course people like you fuel it, it is irritating when someone else has an opinion that does not agree with yours,hey?

  • martymarsh

    Right on the money.

  • David Hall

    Call it what it is, a 72 hour fund raiser.

  • Corey Stewart

    I can lay 2-1 odds that I-78 in PA will be a focal point! The way these “wheel holders” have been letting go of the wheels lately, falling asleep, distracted driving! They have had 4 major wrecks in the last 3 weeks. 3 dead and one was an Assistant Attorney General in PA!

    One dumb driver parked his truck across railroad tracks. He got out to ask directions. His truck was split in two by the train!

    I understand the life of the long haul guy, and the regional guy. I have done both, stupidity is killing all of us professional drivers who do our jobs right!
    PLEASE PEOPLE….use some common sense out there!!

  • dsmoov

    WOW you can’t be serious you really don’t get it all about money not safety I’ve been driving 20 years and now even the newest trucks r put out of service

  • Big R Phillips

    They wont stop, until we stop! I see there’s a couple of perfect drivers in here. But like sombody said before,”they can find something to write up on a new truck”. Sh-ts an abuse of power for the most part. But thats just my opinion. The violations they find are one thing. But all these strings attached that hang on your record that jam you up. Not to mention the high’azz fines you have to pay. I understand that there are some shabby’azz drivers out there that need to have their truck keys thrown somewhere waaaayeee out in a landfill and their cdl’s shredded on site. But most of this crap thought of by folks who no nothing of what the life of a trucker is about and what all go’s with being a true professional trucker. This dragnet inspection crap sucks!

  • Andrei Corniciuc

    All these guys who love inspection are just stupid company drivers that drive for big company’s who pay the dot big bucks so the dot leaves them alone that’s why these people talk this way I wanna see them go out and spend their life saving on a truck and trailer and then get f**ked in the ass by dot all the time so you can see how it is!

  • Jeff Noble

    Who doesn’t take the blitz week off? Park it monday and see you on friday. Nobody needs that nonsense.

  • polack

    I take care of my equipment do all my own work including overhauls,electrical u name it. If you believe those guys are there for safety you better wake up you been holding the wheel to long. Its about money after all if they didn’t fine enough people hard to justify there being so many inspectors. While some guys run unsafe majority do not. We all know there are way more unsafe 4 wheel vehicles out there hell they send out junk from the factory. How come those inspectors are not crawling up there asses. They can find something if they want. I’d like to do my job if they would get out of my pockets and they go find a real job not a Charity drive I could get on with my job.

  • 5Herb7

    I was once inspected in Iowa. After not finding any thing wrong, she decided to write me up because my coiled style air hoses were rubbing together. Hello?!? They are designed like that. One would have to place a spacer at every other coil to keep them from rubbing together. I just happen to be off for this inspection event, and I am damn glad. I don’t need CSA points from some pig with a “Gotcha” agenda.

  • Harley

    Jack. 61 what a blowhard think u now it all they can take a new truck and put it out of service you’re just lucky keep your fingers crossed.

  • William McKelvie

    So in other words, according to you ALL new trucks are fine right off the assembly line? Right, baaa haaa haaa. Go spend a day at a dealership that is getting deliveries of new trucks. Watch your mouth drop so hard it makes a hole in the concrete shop floor.

  • paul

    Amen driver responsibility check your equipment

  • Steve LaFleur

    I’m far from perfect, but if it makes you feel better to state that, than have at it.

    As far as “most of them are underpaid” …. the crux of the problem is that we allow it. And when unpaid detention happens, then the law gets broken to make up for it. That is not the solution.

    I have gone out in the system a couple of weeks at a time when our mill is slow, so I can wrap around fighting to find a parking spot, and managing time so I can shower and wake up like a normal person instead of sleeping in some desolate rest area somewhere.

    And frankly, my initial comment was aimed at the fact that everyone screams that they are going to shut down. That’s nothing but hot air, because if you don’t have the balls to defend a fair wage, you certainly won’t be parking when your dispatcher demands you move.

  • Drive with pride.

    That tells it like it is! Truly. I’ve been driving more than thirty and I enjoy there attempt to find something wrong. And if they do I thank them and take care of it right away. There there for us not to screw us. Tks .

  • bigred

    Back off Jack>>>If these inspectors want to find something>>>THEY WILL, You sound like the one that graduated first in driving school class as you should know this if you have been driving for 30 years. It doesnt take much to smell a safety director here.

  • bigred

    I ROFLMAO at you company drivers commenting on here. First of all you have Prepass which xempts most all the Big cos from even going in a Coup because your company pays off the DOT with this. Look at the coups as you stroll by and you will see who is never in them and then brag about how your equipment is all squared away. I see none of you checking your truck or Wagon at night or in the morning when you pull out simply because your bought and paid for……That E-log in your truck is there because you can`t even run a BOOK without getting shut down and Werner started this because of that problem period.

  • localnet

    Took the week off, changing the mower blades today… Or maybe tomorrow. And my truck and loose leafs are in order… But, I know darn well, if someone wants to get uppity, they could find “something” wrong with my equipment.

  • James G

    Some states are doing inspections different weeks. Nice try to

  • FedUp

    This is why after 34+ years in this business, I can’t admit I drive a truck anymore. 2 people can’t seem to agree on anything pertaining to this profession. There’s good, seasoned veterans of the industry grouped together (in the public’s eye,) with sweatpants and sandal wearing stinky wheel holders climbing out of a Swift truck at some Pilot fuel stop, and this is supposed to be a profession that is respected?

    I have a good job in the hazmat transport field (not home every night sometimes,) and I run my own business with a 1978 (that’s right, it’s 36 years old now,) Kenworth W900A model (that most newbies wouldn’t know how to drive) on the side when not hauling hazmat. I also have a 1981 Freightliner that I do 100% of the maintenance on, and I still would prefer to stay away from these blitzes that the FMCSA stages. Everything is in top notch condition including the hazmat truck I don’t own…but as stated perviously, if they want to find something wrong, they certainly will.

    Revenue is tough enough to produce in this day and age of $4.00+ per gallon fuel, so any money that has to be “donated” to the cause is a shame to have to part with.

    Go ahead and start your self righteous rant now after I post this, about how if I did my pre/post trips I wouldn’t have to worry…as soon as I finish my coffee and this post, I’m headed outside to finish changing the front axle wheel seal on my 1978 Kenworth that I smelled gear oil from yesterday…and went directly to buy a new seal and synthetic oil to fix the problem before it escalated. It’s a safe bet to say, that these sweatpants and sandal wearing underpaid facebook and youtube cyber-drivers we are surrounded by nowadays couldn’t even identify the size of the lugnuts on their wheels, let alone own the tools or possess the knowledge to do any repairs themselves.

    The industry is saturated with trucks that have underpaid employees operating them due to their own fault. There’s power in numbers…stick together and demand higher pay and maybe you’ll get at least 1/2 what you’re worth, for those that think they are eligible to be included in this conversation. Keep in mind that the major companies use you like slaves; there’s jobs out there like the one I have that average .66/mile (although I’m hourly and it works out to that per mile,) and they’re giving you .28-.32 to do the same job (well, somewhat.)

    I guess I’m officially a dinosaur in this game now that I spoke my piece.

    I’ll stop now and put on my bullet proof vest… cuz here it comes…the laptops are heating up, I can tell.

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