Anti-ELD petition to White House launched; more voices on the mandate

| March 21, 2014

Word came in Thursday, March 20, from Tony Hensley to Overdrive‘s Facebook page that an electronic-logging-device-mandate petition was launched on the White House’s “We the People” website, created to serve as a platform for U.S. citizens to lobby the executive branch directly through petitions. Hensley was unsure of its origins, knowing only what’s publicly available information — that it was created March 19 by a resident of Lima, Ohio, with the initials D.N. The website’s privacy policy includes the withholding of full names. 


Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

The rule addresses driver harassment protections, hardware specifications and hours of service-related supporting documents.

Language of the petition, which has a goal of 100,000 signatures collected by April 18, reflects voices of opposition among many Overdrive readers. While it uses the term EOBR rather than the ELD terminology of the mandate itself, it’s clearly targeted toward the recently-released proposal from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Read more about the FMCSA proposal in stories linked throughout this post. 

“These devices do not make American highways or trucks any safer,” the petition reads. “Safety is achieved with proper training and education. These devices will only serve to force small trucking companies and independent truck drivers to close because they simply cannot afford the potential required equipment and subscription costs.”

You can read the full petition via this link.


New rule includes 8 ways to help prevent e-log harassment

FMCSA outlines eight proposed provisions to attempt to prevent driver harassment with ELDs. Congress and the courts directed FMCSA to include safeguards against driver harassment ...

Others objected to the devices, particularly when employed coupled with fleet-management capabilities, on driver-control and -harassment grounds. Recently retired trucker Elmer L. Rose of Lakeland, Fla., read James Jaillet’s story about the anti-driver harassment portion of FMCSA’s proposal with interest. Rose had recently severed ties with a company with whom he leased a truck. He “had a very hard time paying for” the first truck he’d leased “but finally paid it off. Then, I leased another truck and two weeks in, the company used e-logs against me to make me pick up a load I didn’t want to take,” he wrote. “If I hadn’t been able to pick it up early, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to a truck stop,” which he did but with just 11 minutes to spare on his drive time.

Ultimately, Rose felt pushed beyond his limits as a result of an aggressive effort on the carrier’s part to maximize drive time. It all resulted in his leaving the company and retiring. “I still have over $2,000 in my escrow account, and I think they will find a way to take that,” he wrote. “So I believe [the use of and mandate for ELDs] is nothing but a way for the trucking companies and the government to make more money off truckers.” 

More than 50 percent of respondents to a poll anticipating the ELD mandate earlier this month indicated a preference for retirement or another line of work over trucking with an electronic log. Not all Overdrive readers, however, were opposed: 1 in 4 indicated they would find a way to make it work or were running e-logs already. 

Find more coverage in this story about readers’ response to the proposed mandate. 

  • JW

    You can vote without being home on election day.You can do an absentee ballot or as we do in Ky you can go to your county court clerk and vote on a machine several weeks before an election if your not going to be home on election day. There is no excuse for not voting except being too lazy.

  • guest

    Mexican Peasants will drive MOST of the trucks here soon. Just like OUR construction trades. MOSTLY mexican labor. Such being the case the GOV is smartly installing every Monitoring Device known to man.

  • guest

    Si Senyor…me drivey Trookay……ELD is fine wit me…..Jose.

  • Jason Brown

    Typical company driver….His loudest complaint is that he doesn’t get paid by the hour. If you don’t like the pay structure, do something else.

  • Jason Brown

    Typical company driver…He’s bitchin about not getting paid by the hour. When you took on the CDL and got a job driving OTR you chose a lifestyle. That lifestyle dictates that your life is lived out of a truck. No…you do not get paid for time you spend in the sleeper, or off duty in that truck. That’s because that truck is your home. If you have a regular 9 to 5 job or work at a brick and mortar facility that requires you to commute back and forth, you don’t get paid for your off time or the commute. If you don’t like the wages, or the wage structure, do something else.

  • Spence

    You have a good point mousekiller. I probably sound like a rotten SOB, but I honestly think it’s the best way to turn things around. Unfortunately a lot of good people suffer in the process. Every time I read about more new rules and regulations I get a little irate and pissed off.

  • Spence

    I’m afraid you’re right.

  • jojo

    Thank you, I’m trying to find the right words to drive this point home. Our voices are not being heard and only We Drivers can change this.

  • g

    The new BREED will drive the trucks…Obediant Robotons!!

  • jojo

    Mr. Brown, Times are changing fast. I plan on changing with them.

    Today a Driver is basically paid a milage based salary. Milage pay covers ALL of the Drivers labor.

    This was fine up and until Time constraints created by the failure of the corporate trucking companies to properly manage their Drivers starting 25+ years back.

    The onset of ELD’s and speed limiters Will affect the TIME available to earn a living! TIME is relevant!

    We older Drivers need to realize that we are no longer able to turn miles into hours on our books.

    The gov. mandated ELD will be programed letter of the law. The law is time based not mile based.

    If you have more than a few yrs under your belt and are familiar with the games that the co’s play with the Drivers TIME, you should realize that the Co OTR Drivers are tired of working for free.

    As most co’s already use non-compliant EOBR’s the Co. OTR Drivers are realizing that it is possible for the more realistic hourly method of payment to be enacted.

    An hourly based salary with consequences for the co and the Driver needs to be discussed.

    As an OO I know that cheap labor keeps freight rates low. I therefore understand that by helping the Co OTR Drivers improve their inadequate wages I have helped All OO’s with their bottom line.

    As for now, I have turned my attention towards organizing a shutdown as our voices are not being heard.

    Three ways to send a message;
    1. Inform your carrier and Congressman that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7.
    2.Register to Vote and then start making calls to your elected officials in DC @ 202-224-3121 and inform them of your issues.
    3. VOTE. I’m Shutting my truck DOWN 10/31 thru 11/7 TO MAKE SURE THAT MY VOICE IS HEARD!!!
    Why don’t you Join Me!

  • jojo

    How about the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. This would allow the Driver to be at home to Vote.

  • hamp

    Having read a lot of the comments, I’m just wondering what are you going to do about this situation. Two simple solutions call your congressman an senator, sign petition. stop crying and do something to control tour destiny.

  • g

    Big Money and Insurance interests are Lobbying to have all these devices installed and the “driver” will be an Obediant Mindless Drone. Trucking is forever changed and will remain a sick joke. Anne Ferro and Tony the Mayor ordering around drooling Zombies. lol

  • g

    “truckers” are now part of the Peasant Class…Walmart Shoppers…..reduced to living in trailer parks…if they ever get “home”.
    Mostly ignorant mexicans will be driving trucks from now on……Zombies who need to be babysat…and ordered around……for LOW WAGE…..these peasant mexicans will NEED to be Monitored and Observed with Elogs and Cameras…..The rich and powerful have a New Design for trucking and a “VISION” of expediant Yes Boy Slaves doing as they are told…Observed, Monitored, Policed… Robots…..moving freight in a Uniform, Orderly fashion…with Speed Limiters and Cameras watching their every movement……peasant slaveboys from mexico and other dumps will gladly take these “jobs” that FOR SURE no American will WANT when they are finished implementing all these Hitlerian Features.

  • g

    Yea the new”COOLIE CLASS” of trucker..mindless chumps.

  • g

    The industry has always EXPECTED the driver to “FUDGE” on the logs(comic book)…and just deliver on time….it has been the NORM forever…….at one time their WERE NO LOGS……….only an Imbicile would NEED one.

  • g

    The Old Time Truckers from the 50’s would Laugh their heads off at
    this generation of “truckers” being “micro managed” by Anne Ferro and her gestapo Cop Agencies……it has become quite hilarious.

  • guest

    Nanny trucking! We need these Babysitters?? Some rookie cop poking around the truck of a veteran trucker seems more than IGNORANT. The babysitter will Compute hours of service and check to see if he took his 30minute Milk and Cookies break?? What a sick joke.

  • guest

    Only The Best Chumps Will Drive….I think they have gone way too far already with these dumb “rules”……not many people with a functioning BRAIN will remain interested in this rediculous industry…For What?

  • jojo

    If I have the opportunity to absentee Vote I Will. This will allow me to take the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 off at a truck stop so that I may be able to help other Drivers Understand the issues SLAPPING them in the face.
    Pat Hockaday

  • Spence

    Good idea and just so you know I have voted in the past in every election since I have been old enough to vote and I didn’t vote for the jerk we have in the Whitehouse right now, either time if you know what I mean.

  • jojo

    It is a Good idea, wish it were mine.

    I believe it is a good enough idea for us to Work with so that our voices may be heard.

    Three ways to send a message
    1. Inform your carrier and Congressman that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7.
    2.Register to Vote and then start making calls to your elected officials in DC. Call 202-224-3121 and inform them of your issues.
    3. VOTE. I’m Shutting my truck DOWN 10/31 thru 11/7 TO MAKE SURE THAT MY VOICE IS HEARD!!!

    Why don’t you all Join Me!

    Pat Hockaday

  • jojo

    Has the Fat Lady sung yet?
    Don’t give up G! Do something about it!

  • MercenaryMan

    Another law created by the lawless who dont understand what we do, but they need to create mindless laws to appear to be Important…SUITS, that sit in dark rooms and invent costly laws, regulations that take food from my family…NO THANKS…RETIRED.

  • jojo

    Co drivers can participate by scheduling home time Now to be at home 11/4 to vote.
    They could also let it be known Now that they will be taking time off anywhere USA during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7.
    ELD’s, speed limiters, CSA, freight rates, HOS, etc. affect Co. Drivers as well.
    Just by notifying their carriers of their intentions to take personal time off during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7 sends the ATA an immediate message.
    We have 6 months to get organized so that OUR Message is Heard.

  • Madcracka

    Sounds like a shill^^^^^

  • this is a problem

    I own my own trucking company and I think the smaller companies should not have to do electronic logs or be forced by the government to do so

  • russtrucker

    We drive for living and congress/fmsa or ruining our life of truckings. You call this a free country and have more devices to record drivers. This is not what we need. We need freedom and changes to increase HOS. We can drive safely without harassment.

  • Mind Games

    If this issue was along racial lines the NAACP Rev AL Sharpton and everyone else would come to the minorities side but since it’s just a bunch of dirty ol truckers it don’t matter?
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