Are we ever going to get out of here?

| March 02, 2012

The absolute last thing you want to do as a Landstar BCO is leave an agent in a bind. Diane and I did not get to haul this load, but by communicating well we gave the agent time to react to our unexpected truck defect and keep the customer happy.

I drove the truck back to the boat yard and did the work I intended to do before the leak was discovered (change a fog lamp, generator oil change). Because of rush hour, it took Diane over two hours to complete the 70 mile return trip. She earned her pay today.

I got back to the house before Diane. When the parts telephone call was made, I did not ask about the price. We needed it. Volvo had it. End of story. When Diane got home and showed me the receipt, I was shocked; $530!

That got me wondering if welding might have been the better option, and if the dealer gouged us on the price, and if the tank could be purchased cheaper elsewhere.

A call to other Volvo dealers settled the price-gouging question. That did not happen. Orlando charged the same price other dealers do (give or take a few bucks). As for the rest, time is money. Saving maybe a couple hundred bucks by finding the part someplace else or running one down at a junk yard might be possible, but at what cost? Better, faster, easier and safer, I figured, to put a new tank on and be done with it.

Hopefully, we will be done with it tomorrow. Hopefully, the repair will go well and we can go back in service soon.