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Arizona DOT warning of border blockade threats by Mexican truckers

cross border mexico crossing arizonaMexican truckers unhappy with inspections, fines and treatment by inspectors are threatening to protest at Arizona border crossings with a traffic blockade, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, who is pressing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to take action to resolve the issues. 

ADOT made the initial warnings last Wednesday, but nothing has happened yet, says Laura Douglas, spokesperson for the state agency.


Cross-border update: U.S. says no suit from Mex association, inspections raise data questions

The State Department says Canacar has not filed for arbitration since the Mexican trucking trade association served notice in 2009. And updated numbers on inspection ...

Truckers out of Nogales, Sonora (Mexico), and Nogales, Ariz., have been pushing for better treatment, ADOT says, citing “high number of inspections, high level of fines and high number of trucks placed out of service” by federal inspectors. 

The fines and out-of-service orders are higher at Arizona border crossings than in crossings in Texas and California, ADOT says. 

“While the Arizona Department of Transportation doesn’t take a position on the merit of these grievances, the department is urging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to carefully consider these complaints and to resolve differences with the trucking industry to avoid a blockade,” reads ADOT’s April 16 warning. 


Hours, logbook violations get Mexican carrier booted from pilot program

For the first time since the program's 2011 inception, the FMCSA has revoked the authority of a Mexican carrier participating in its cross-border trucking pilot ...

FMCSA’s Arizona division “has been engaged in dialogue with the Mexican carriers since March,” said FMCSA spokesperson Marissa Padilla. “Our commitment to listen and continue to engage in discussions to reach common ground is paramount to ensuring the efficient and safe transportation of goods across the border.”

Douglas says her agency is not sure which crossings would be blocked, how many protestors there would be nor how long the blockade and protests would last, but she says her agency wants “both sides to continue their negotiations, so that a blockade can be avoided altogether.” 

ADOT calls the blockade threat a detriment to the growth in trade it has seen with Mexico in recent years, saying $14.1 billion in trade happens annually and that Mexico is “a critical partner” with the state. 

  • redjeb

    lol loser.

  • whyismycachealwaysclearing

    After having read the majority of comments here, I think we can sum this up pretty easily.

    1- American truckers still don’t like NAFTA.
    2- American truckers are pissed that Mexicans seem to think they have some right to U.S freight lanes, even though a large number of their vehicles are being put OOS.
    3- Why is it that Mexican truckers can organize and get things changed, and yet American truckers, cannot?
    4-Rabble! Rabble rabble rabble! RABBLE RABBLE!

    FFS, Mexico…give it up…

  • Mike Smith

    We MADE THIS COUNTRY YOU STUPID SHIT. We created a life style and we wanted us and our children to have a better life. What you call ladies are men who demanded a better life. While your stinking Mexicans have diminished this better life.

    It s not only the Mexicans who are the problem, it’s what’s called our government & the corporations who have brainwashed us into excepting the Mexicans Invasion, and made it easy for your Mexicans to live in our country, to supply cheap Turd World slaves to them.

    They brokers like your Mexicans because they do anything and they do it cheap. (Because what they make here is much better than the stinking $5 a day they make in Mexico). Why because they are use to living in a Mexican shit hole. Living in our worst conditions is 100 times better than than Mexico. The Mexicans even get to birth their 6 rats that flood the streets and schools of CA.

    They never did ANYTHING with their country, Mexico. Over 500 yrs since Spain tried to modernize, New Spain, Mexico. The Mexs ran them out & they still live in a shit hole.

    Now you think we should give up our country to you & them.

  • bigred

    It`s about time something was done about all this inspection, E-log, CSA bullshit. We are on the road with big trucking putting every Tom,Dick,Harry they can find with no experience whatsoever and they are getting a FREE RIDE from the DOT…..No truck inspections, especially logging (which CAN and is being manipulated by them) while the small companies are now getting hammered….I say Viva Le Mexico…

  • Jean Emmons

    Get your trucks up to code, working in the safest mechanical shape, fully insured and drivers with proper medical checkups and logs or shut up. If they block the border let them line up on the Mexican side. Maybe that will keep the smugglers from getting through.

  • Spence

    You got that right. Well said!

  • Tom T

    If it is true the fines and out-of-service orders are higher in Ariz., the Feds ought to find out why. Seems to me Texas and Calif. are falling down on the job.

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    So, in all honesty and no anger, are we the victims of bad press and or misinformation? For quite sometime, myself and every other driver I have spoken with has told me, in the US, Canadian trucks are allowed to run intranational freight where as in Canada, US trucks are not afforded the same opportunity. Every time I have run into BC, I have seen more Canadian rigs than American. So while I don’t call you a liar, as living and working in Canada, you will know more about it than I, I’m just calling on my experience up there.

  • guest

    The mexicans would be happier if they stay home…we would all be better off.

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    Better Drivers? Is that why Mexican Males are 61% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than any other race? And 3 hours a day? Run behind me sometime and try to keep up.

  • guest

    Sure..they are born Criminals who are rude and demanding…..troublemakers.Drag them off to prison and confiscate their trucks then they will shut up…they are useless 3rd world dopes who need to OBEY THE LAW like everybody else has to. Cry Babies is all they are.

  • Moon Lite Trucker

    Are you telling me I’m lazy? You wouldn’t be able to last for 2 days that I run. Get your truck and your log book up to par and we’ll talk equality. Just because you’re Hispanic doesn’t give you special treatment. You pay the fines and deal with the red tags like we do or go back home to Mexico. Bottom feeders aren’t wanted. The only reason the brokers around the west coast put up with you is because you work for something less than what it costs to keep your truck up to par. Get a life you punk.
    Live by the same rules we have to live by and work by.

  • raja singh

    You should come to Canada and experience what we go through. American dot is a joke comparing to Canada. Remember one thing we as Canadian do not complain about US dot only you do.

  • semper fi

    I think all Mexican companies should be exempt form all rules, regulations and taxes.
    As soon as our government allows this…and they will…..maybe, just maybe this will be enough to push the lazy Americans to action.
    I’m for a month vacation for everyone, its a shame most live from check to check and will never take a stand.
    I have offered my life for this country….to say I’m disappointed in what it has become would be an understatement.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Yes In there own countries !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    raja singh you are right about that !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Yes there is little sticker the last one that went under the truck put on there , I run in a lot of mudholes and don’t like hanging around truck wash 4 to 5 hours And it could use a paint job , however it can pass a level 1 but most of the time they well find something to give you a warning for and send you on way and i do drive a 1998

  • USMC 69-75

    That’s the best a idiot can come up with….copy and paste! I work circles around your welfare entitled butt every day of the week, idiot!
    Try again, you MIGHT be-able to get both your feet in one of my shoes!

  • tstyle

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  • tstyle

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  • PattyCakes

    When they’re losing, what do they do … call the opponent a ‘ racist ‘.

    I figure using racist in the fashion they do should now be Reportable and called ‘ Online Bullying ‘

  • shortchange

    It’s knot about the Mexicans, or HATE the real beef is Washington
    stand up to those Jack Ass’s that the people voted for.
    Once that is dealt with things will fall in place. 10/4 Or is that a dream

  • raja singh

    Do that.Block the north border so my company won’t ask me take a load to US. The only thing you guys ever did is complain about everything and anything. American company’s like Werner, Swift, Celadon, CR England, Conway just to name a few who runs in and out of Canada but we as canadian do not complain like u guys do. Remember only baby’s complain not men so be a man stop complaining and get to work.

  • Sam

    Yes ,older models are targets for inspections, and clean trucks don’t dram as much attention as a dirty one does.It’s Just stopping you that gets them poking around things.

  • Tom T

    I don`t think so. Neither dose Mr. Bundy in his fight with Land Management. He has more guts than most of the drivers posting comments here. The fight
    may not be over, but you see who backed down.
    It wasn’t him.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I get a kick out of wasting there time

  • Sam

    Actually Chuck,,the very first bill Obama sing in his first term 2008 had a provision in it that stopped the Mexican trucks that drove further than 100 miles across the border.. But big business and lobbyist lobbied the house of congress and they watered the bill down by 2012 . In 2007 a class action suit against the federal government by private citizens objecting to unsafe logging standards in the industries and the citizens group won the law suit which forced the feds to enforce standards with efficiently and that is what started the ball rolling against trucking industries,
    So blaming Obama for changes of trucking Laws is incorrect and just silly.

  • Sam

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  • USMC 69-75

    I know all I need to, just from your posts……See! I hit a nerve with your welfare entitlement… that trashy keyboard tells me the rest. You can’t hold an intelligent conversation, because your a barry zombie, or in laymen terms, an idiot!.

  • USMC 69-75

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    Better luck the next time boy! I’m thru with the likes of you, I’m scrapping you off the bottom of my boots. So have it and try, better men have failed to accomplish what your dreaming about! WANNABES?????

  • USMC 69-75

    How in the heck can they make you go back to work, if you own the truck, and it’s in the shop, or I’m on vacation…..etc.etc..screw the Taft act. they can’t force a million plus drivers back to work if we were serious enough to do it. Heck when billy boy took our bird dogs, over 350,000 drivers shut down and it was growing….all he did was tell the media to stop reporting it, causing us to go back to work. We didn’t have cell phones and internet back then, so we were all pretty much reliant on the media, no more reports, must be over, went back to work! It’s just spineless whiners anymore!

  • USMC 69-75

    It’s nobody’s fault but our own!

  • tstyle

    You aren’t intelligent enough to hit my nerves ofay.

  • mousekiller

    The real problem is not the mexican truck drivers but the third world drivers like Russia, Lithuania, Serbia and a few others that are the real threat. You two are like little kids arguing over the flavor of ice cream. Get real and knock off the name calling. It makes the both of you look really stupid. Then again hmmm.

  • douglasmorton

    I thought we had Homeland Security to protect us. Check the amount of ammo that they purchased for practice. USE it, I believe we are being invaded by bad people.

  • mr.m

    Mexican truckers whined and cried wanting to come to America. now that they are coming here. they don’t like the amount of enforcement they have to put up with. well it’s America! we care here. and if the d.o.t feels that Mexican trucks and drivers are unsafe for the American high ways. then so be it! Mexican truckers will either learn to comply with American standards. or they will stay out. and I am not sorry for saying this. no free pass for Mexican truckers. American truckers don’t get one. and neither do the Canadian truckers. and the Mexicans that are working as truckers in America. will say they don’t get a free pass either.

  • JJMcClure

    beaners crashing on the road causing traffic and injuries

  • JJMcClure

    screw them

  • mousekiller

    I would like to know where you got those figures.

  • mousekiller

    It has already been decided that the USA is going to pay for them on the Mexican truck. you and I will put them on with our taxes.

  • Zumba900

    Ahem…apparently you’ve not been driving in Canada. We are much more heavily scrutinized here, than you are there. We Don’t Run Junk !

  • Zumba900

    Canadian freight outbound
    Canadian freight inbound.
    We Do Not Interstate.
    The entire population of Canada, coast to coast, is still about 2 million LESS than the state of California all by itself.
    So we are hardly any more of a threat, than is a mouse to an Elephant.
    Just a short list of American fleets here.
    Schneider, Celadon, Carter Express, Werner, Swift, Waste Management, Gordon Food Service, CR England, Con-Way, JB Hunt, Ryder, Moe’s Transport, and the list goes on.
    Now, some of these US owned and operated may try, from time to time, to have Canadian drivers run domestic US freight. I don’t know. I do know that they have US drivers make domestic moves within Canada.
    I do know, that on any given day in Ontario, in any truck stop, that we will be outnumbered by American Carriers.
    I do know, that you better have your rear in gear, and your ducks in a row, before you enter a Canadian Inspection station. or you won’t be driving out of it again until everything is in order.

  • Zumba900

    I’m with you!!!
    Shut er down so we don’t have to go there anymore!

  • Zumba900

    All trucks operating in Ontario must have activated speed limiters set to no more than 105 kph ( 100 kph = 63 mph )
    It is checked for, and enforced.

  • Porter M. Corn

    Ya’ll can believe all the debunked bigoted bullshit you want about the Mexicans, but rue the day we have to put up with the crap the Mexicans do in their country. Imagine DOT setting up roadside drug, alcohol and physical exam stations and pulling you in at random.

  • jan johnson

    While let them throw up a blockade so how cares if they get fines tickets plus plus plus mAybe they get smart and figure that the only reason they wanted Mexican trucks to come over here so they can make money off of them drivers and they did and are going to make more!!!!! Come n join the u R **** club.

  • E.A.T. slapper

    EAT. That’s what your initials are. You are a true idiot. I’m a Canadian and we don’t bother you. It’s Americans like you that make the whole world hate you all. Like you would park you Acadian or Escalade or something like that, whatever that Tonka toy is you drive. You really can’t be a trucker. I think your a disturbed boy.

  • Happy Canuck

    Richard you are stupid. Canadian trucks can not run over 65 mph. They all have to have speed limiters. You sure don’t hear us Canadians crying and complaining like I see in the USA. It seems the only time an American is tough is when he has a gun on him. I sure am glad I live in Canada. We are not your problem. You want to see the problem; look in the mirror and quit crying. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.