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Arizona DOT warning of border blockade threats by Mexican truckers

cross border mexico crossing arizonaMexican truckers unhappy with inspections, fines and treatment by inspectors are threatening to protest at Arizona border crossings with a traffic blockade, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, who is pressing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to take action to resolve the issues. 

ADOT made the initial warnings last Wednesday, but nothing has happened yet, says Laura Douglas, spokesperson for the state agency.


Cross-border update: U.S. says no suit from Mex association, inspections raise data questions

The State Department says Canacar has not filed for arbitration since the Mexican trucking trade association served notice in 2009. And updated numbers on inspection ...

Truckers out of Nogales, Sonora (Mexico), and Nogales, Ariz., have been pushing for better treatment, ADOT says, citing “high number of inspections, high level of fines and high number of trucks placed out of service” by federal inspectors. 

The fines and out-of-service orders are higher at Arizona border crossings than in crossings in Texas and California, ADOT says. 

“While the Arizona Department of Transportation doesn’t take a position on the merit of these grievances, the department is urging the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to carefully consider these complaints and to resolve differences with the trucking industry to avoid a blockade,” reads ADOT’s April 16 warning. 


Hours, logbook violations get Mexican carrier booted from pilot program

For the first time since the program's 2011 inception, the FMCSA has revoked the authority of a Mexican carrier participating in its cross-border trucking pilot ...

FMCSA’s Arizona division “has been engaged in dialogue with the Mexican carriers since March,” said FMCSA spokesperson Marissa Padilla. “Our commitment to listen and continue to engage in discussions to reach common ground is paramount to ensuring the efficient and safe transportation of goods across the border.”

Douglas says her agency is not sure which crossings would be blocked, how many protestors there would be nor how long the blockade and protests would last, but she says her agency wants “both sides to continue their negotiations, so that a blockade can be avoided altogether.” 

ADOT calls the blockade threat a detriment to the growth in trade it has seen with Mexico in recent years, saying $14.1 billion in trade happens annually and that Mexico is “a critical partner” with the state. 

  • mousekiller

    High number of inspections?. High number of fines and high number of out of Services?. Whats the problem? Didn’t pass an inspection? ?Pay the piper. Fix it before you come to the USA. Don’t like our standards stay home. We in the USA live with it so can you.

  • Mind Games

    Good! They are doing me a favor and saving my country some money now we don’ hafta pay any overtime.

  • Spence

    Serves em right. What about the trucker hauling a load of ammunition who accidently missed his turn at El Paso, Texas and had to cross the border bridge into Juarez, Mexico ? If I remember right he got arrested and detained for several months by the Mexican police after he had talked to a Mexican border guard and the guard told him to go down the road and make a U-turn and come back. He no more than got turned around and the Mexican police had him stopped. After he got out of Mexican prison he then got detained by immigration for being in the country illegally !!! I haven’t heard anymore since and I don’t know if he got out of Mexico or not. I hope he did. If they don’t like our ways then they can stay the hell out of here. I guess it’s a little different now that the shoe is on the other foot.

  • gilbert

    Fuck adot

  • Mike Smith

    No more MEXICANS. Stop NFTA. Just look at what has happened to r country since NAFTA, and before. CA is now almost all Mexican. We have lost a valuable state: educational institutions, Museums, etc., etc.. Mexicans r out brithing us with our own money having 6 kids for free, which causes massive gangs. And we are paying for their birthing.

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    So let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s rise up and form our own blockade on the border. Let’s tell the Mexicans, the American gov’t and everyone else who’ll have to take notice when we park a ton of trucks at all the crossings from east Texas to the Pacific Coast. Let them learn EXACTLY where they’ll be without us. Hell, while we’re at it, let’s shut down Canada too. The rules are so damn lopsided that it’s time for us to take real action, right now, or fall upon our own swords of inaction. Nut up or shut up. Lets pick a day, and I’ll drive my Cascadia right up to the border and shut it down until they have no choice but to listen. I’m on board, are you? God save America.

  • Mike Smith

    One country at a time. The biggest problem is the Mexican Invasion that is killing us off.

  • Fed-Up

    I operate a Illinois state safety lane, we do bi-annual state inspections along with yearly DOT inspections. Spent more than a few years behind the wheel, so I have a pretty good view of both sides. We get all types of trucks from landscapers to national fleets. 98% of the trucks owned by Mexicans FAIL their initial inspection, and many fail the retest multiple times. And they sure get pissed at the rules that all the American drivers must follow everyday. Most of their tractors are just plain junk and should have been recycled into soup cans long ago. Many have been responsible for serious traffic accidents with a number of fatalities. Slap on the wrist, buy another piece of s*** truck and start all over. I agree with ADOT. Inspect the hell out of them and maybe they will stay off our roads and some lives will be saved. I don’t give damn what they want to protest. If you don’t like it…stay out!!!

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    You know what, you are right in a sense. We should ALL be TREATED equally. Which means if your equipment and logs aren’t as good as my equipment and logs, you get red tagged. Same as everyone else, ‘migo. That equal enough for ya? Mexican truckers want to threaten a blockade, then under the idea of equality, we can establish our own to protect our way of life. You demonstrate the problem with most liberals at large, you think equal treatment means everyone but you is held to the standard. That’s Hypocrisy, not equality. Pick up a dictionary and familiarize yourself with that word equality, then post here again. God save America.
    By the way, my drive tires are in fact all treaded equally, 11/32 tread depth. thanks for askin.

  • Mike Smith

    A tow company told me that most of the trucks he tows in on I-40 in NW AZ are Mexicans. They don’t even have insurance he says.

    The media AND government are intentional hiding the problems with Mexicans because Mexicans provide cheaper labor for businesses.

  • Mike Smith

    Fuck you you Mexican supporter. No wonder you saupport the Mexicans JessChav.

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    Either line, brother don’t make no difference to me, I’ll park that Cascadia across either one.

  • Brian

    Your stupid dog

  • Enfuriated American Trucker

    It isn’t the drivers to the north I have issue with, I just want a level playing field. Our gov’t has extended Canadian domiciled trucks the ability to run our freight, while the Canadian Gov’t does not return the favor to American Domiciled rigs up there. The drivers as people are some of the best you’ll find, but we need fairness in the rules.

  • USMC 69-75

    and your an idiot!

  • USMC 69-75

    cuss Jess is a hater and believe everybody is!

  • USMC 69-75

    Right, and then cry when his family gets killed by unsafe meheco trucker….Oh well no commrenda….I’m going bak to meheco…..

  • USMC 69-75

    Now that’s funny!

  • USMC 69-75

    tstyle…..look in a mirror, and you’ll see stupid!

  • USMC 69-75

    Been saying that for years!!!!!!! To many whinners and no doers!

  • USMC 69-75

    no commrenda?

  • USMC 69-75

    That would be a state line…..not a “BORDER”
    city limits, where the city line ends or starts….county line is where two counties meet, state lines are where two states meet, and a BORDER is where two countries meet. Must be that common core math????

  • Spence

    I had an uncle that didn’t understand or speak Spanish very well at all. My dad called it “Spanglish”. He would take English words and put an O or an A on the end when trying to talk to the Mexicans we had working for us, and yes they were here legally. I always thought it was funny he used the word push. He would say “Pushala”. The best one was when he tried talking Spanglish to a bunch of tourists from Germany!

  • jesse wood

    let the wet backs blockade the border they are the only ones crossing anyway we don,t need their 3rd world bullshit andway

  • 5Herb7

    Mexican truckers should be “treaded” better than everybody else. Tread them well, I say! ;)

  • 5Herb7

    Here is where I have a real problem with allowing Mexican trucks to bring freight beyond the border cities of the United States. It is safe for them to drive in this country, but what American trucker would be insane enough to drive freight through Mexico? Talk about risking a hijack or even one’s life! Screw that! Let them them run the freight through their own corrupt country and we will run through ours. When it is safe and the playing field is fair in all ways, then lets talk. Until then, STAY THE HELL OUT!

  • jan johnson

    Welcome to America fix it or stay out!!!!!LOL

  • tstyle

    Usmc, look in the mirror and you’ll see washed up has been.

  • Zumba900

    You should know that Canadian truckers are damn near outnumbered in our own country by American trucks!
    We had a CDL system in place 20 years ahead of the USA.
    Compliance? Our inspection stations are running day and night and there’s no fooling around.
    We only run freight out of Canada to the USA and freight coming out of the USA returning to Canada.
    And, Once again, are almost outnumbered on our own highways by American company’s and trucks.

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  • Porter M. Corn

    Actually, the Mexican truckers can and do band together and generally get what they demand.

    Cases in point have been past demonstrations that shut down traffic on international bridges in Texas over government fuel subsidies that kept the cost of Mexican diesel in line with prices in the US and the May Day protests in 2013 in support of Mexico’s effort to reduce the gross vehicle weights.

  • Porter M. Corn

    Ira, if you’re a resident of Arizona then you know how out of control your DPS officers are in regards to trucks.

  • Richard

    Here we go again. A few years ago the illegals protested that they were being singled out and that they should be allowed to live and work here. Now we have these Mexican truckers that want to hold us hostage by blocking the border and stopping traffic. This because their truck are not fit to come into the USA and run our highways. That’s to darn bad. I lost a load because some Mexican driver told the same brokerage that he would pull the same load I wanted for $1.00 per mile. So why do we as AMERICAN truckers have to bow down to the Mexican trucking companies ? My truck has to be in perfect shape in order to run our roads, so should their trucks. I didn’t get a ticket or an OFS order a while ago for an airline that was rubbing another line, just a verbal notice from the inspector about it. I had it fixed one hour later.
    I live in Michigan and I see Canadian drivers speeding well beyond the posted speed for trucks. Why do they feel they can do that here in the states and get away with it ?
    I support IRA in his feelings that if they don’t like our country stay the hell out. My business has suffered greatly since they have allowed Mexican trucks to run in our country.

  • Richard

    The problem is that if we as truckers decide to stop our trucks from rolling, our government will step in and invoke the Taft Hartley act. That is we are jeopardzing the safety of our national security. That is what happened back in the 70’s when deregulation went into effect. I know, my truck was F*%*Ked up by National Gaurd guys. So remember this when you decide to try a nationwide shutdown.
    I don’t support the Mexicans in any way. They almost killed my wife and I with their no brake trucks. STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE USA if you can’t meet our standards.

  • DavidMac

    The current federal policy is to treat disparate groups differently, depending on their political ideology. The current regime needs the Mexican truckers’ votes in November, so nothing will be done to upset the Mexicans. Oh, they can’t vote here? Yeah, right.

  • Sam

    Welcome to the real world ,,,, Mexican drivers can deal with laws and inspections just like the US driver do or they can drop their load at the border and The US truck drivers can carry the loads safely wherever they are going.

  • Sam

    Republican Jeb Bush may run for presidents in 2016 said it was act of love for Mexicans to come work in US.

  • Sam

    friendly tip abby,
    Very few will read a post when locked caps or used, No one like to be shouted at

  • Sam

    Thats seem a little over kill,,, you didn’t a sticker on your wind shield to avoid re-inspection , I have been inspected 6 times in 14 months but when they see the sticker they let me pass most times

  • blahblah

    That is not “Spanglish”. Spanglish es cuando you mix el Inglés with the Spanish. “Púshala” is an Anglisism – not “Spanglish”. Man, you old farts are all a bunch of Racists.

  • Everglade

    Calm down, Pepe Le Pew.
    I’ve been around trucks for many years and even some a few months old
    are already smelling worse than a portapotty. Clean up your shit wagon, take regular
    showers, use some damn deodorant and then you can complain about the supposed
    smell in a country you probably have never been to.

  • Spence

    Yeah…………. Whatever.

  • Justathought

    You don’t understand the difference between an International issue and a National issue, right? National issues will get drowned out by the latest pair of yoga pants Kim Kardashian is wearing or the latest on the Biebs. International news gets more attention. You want to make news? Threaten to block the U.S. side of the Border.

  • Eric Van Spronsen

    You mean they are getting the same treatment we do???? Oh no!

  • Spence

    I just remembered something. Arizona has Governor Brewer and Sheriff Joe. I can’t say I’ve seen that mentioned in any of the comments. Sounds to me like ADOT is doing their job.



  • AUSY12

    let em do it,,,,,,,,,, it may be a little painful but in the end it will create american jobs……….

  • Natalie

    It is not the fault of truckers from other countries that has us buried. It is the fault of those politicians sitting in their offices thinking they can fix all the problems our country has sitting on their hineys. Our politicians were elected to help the AMERICANS that put them in office to help our country USA. We as truckers need, help not more citations.
    Why is it that our country is blind to the problems of their citizens yet they are there to help all other countries thru theirs. Maybe we need to elect just everyday people who have suffered from hunger,illness and have lived on the streets of our great country USA.(FMCSA please help us truckers that have served and have worked this country for so many decades are not on Welfare or Foodbanks. We want and deserve fair rules and it includes truckers from other countries. We want to keep working and supporting our families. We by no means are rich but we have pride in the work we do.

  • Robert

    You know what it means.

  • Robert

    I think they need to comply just like us. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.