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ATA, OOIDA square off over EOBR mandate

| April 26, 2012

The American Trucking Associations President on Wednesday, April 25, called on members of the upcoming conference committee on the surface transportation bill to require motor carriers to use electronic logging devices to promote drivers’ compliance with hours-of-service driving limits.

According to Landline, though, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association is asking its members to call their House representatives and Senators to ask them to not support an EOBR mandate in the new surface transportation bill.

The story quotes Todd Spencer, OOIDA executive vice president, as saying, “The device only tracks when the wheels are moving, not taking into consideration the colossal waiting times spent by truck drivers at shipping docks. Plus, we hear every day from truckers whose companies use the devices to improve ‘productivity,’ which actually means harassing truckers into driving more hours.”

Bill Graves, ATA president and chief executive officer, said ATA supports an electronic logging mandate based on feedback from member carriers who find the technology improves compliance, safety and operating efficiency.

“We urge conferees in both bodies to adopt the Senate’s requirement for carriers to use electronic logging devices,” Graves said. “Clearly, these devices lead to greater compliance with maximum driving limits, which is very good for the trucking industry as a whole and highway safety.”

  • gerald a Yeazle JR

    I would like to see an example of how a driver is harrsed into driving more hours. ? Simply put drive legal charge for dock time and act like a professional business people when the dispatcher says be a buddy report him get the garbage out of the industry live better you deserve the same quality of life and pay as any other person in this country (work and get payed)

  • E.F.McHenry

    Mr. Geazle you sound like a nonconformist company driver! And that’s putting it lightly. You obviously don’t get it! If you think harassment by dispatchers does happen you’re a boob! If you understand harassment happens why would you want to empower dispatchers with a tool to help them pressure and even coerce drivers more effectively?? The ATA the lobby arm of big corporate trucking companies is wanting so desperately to redefine what the HOS was originally meant to be!! The ATA is turning the HOS rule from what use to be the limit to work into a Mandate To Work!! The ATA also understands that EOBRs create a sense that only driving counts as work. They would like nothing more than to make line 1, 2, and line 4 on any log negligible! You are either a plant by some large trucking company or a unconcerning serf….

  • E.F.McHenry

    Correction; Mr. Geazle I believe you to be a conformist not a nonconformist. I don’t grant you as much. You offered no reason opinion. You just shared a bunch of unreasoned blather…..

  • RM

    we use an eorb called is easy to use but is not accurate. 1 example.
    I was sitting in traffic just creeping along and it put me as on duty not driving for the next 20 or 30 minutes. I guess sitting in traffic barley moving does not count as driving time?

  • Marty Marsh

    Well said,ATA is nothing more than a joke,look who is on there board and you can see that.ATA only cares about what is good for there company and proof of that is look how drivers get paid by the people on the board at ATA.

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  • Michael biro

    I’ve worked in the trucking insist for 17 years from driving, loading ,maintaince , management now, . I do not believe or think it apporiate to keep letting the federal motor carrier keep taxing the industry by mandate in the rouse of safety . So far most of their mandates have increased the costs of transportation, now we pay slot more at the stores for the same products. The ata is corrupt

  • alan copeland

    what is the elct log ment to do ? keep track of where drivers are or where they stop ? getting loaded or unloaded. the time is in a 14 hour window . if the driver logs it properly in is in the legal amount of time daily. all a elct log will do is stop paper work for people and put some people out of work . we all need a job but all the computers
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