ATRI seeking driver feedback on impacts of new hours rule

| September 10, 2013

hours night truck stopThe American Transportation Research Institute has posted on its website a confidential survey for drivers seeking to find out how the current hours of service rule that went into effect July 1 has impacted their operation.

ATRI, specifically, is seeking information about the impacts of the once-per-week limit on the 34-hour restart and the 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. stipulations of the restart. 

Questions ask not only severity of the impacts of the new requirements of the rule, but also how it has impacted quality of life, miles driven and pay. It also asks whether drivers feel more fatigued or less fatigued since the rule went into effect.

 The study is a follow-up to research done prior to the rule’s effective date, which was released in a study in June. Now that the rule is in effect, ATRI says it “is continuing data collection to quantify actual impacts on commercial drivers.” 

Click here to take the survey.

  • Guest

    Yea the new rule is a P.O.S. way too constricting for an industry as inconvenient and unpredictable as trucking and trucking schedules….the 34 reset should be available at any time….if the guy needs so much “rest” he should stay home.

  • Mark French

    Why would we comment? What good will it do? Who gives a shit what a truck driver has to say?

  • JoeDriver

    Agree with the user above that these rules are making it hard for small timers. These Govt agencies are in bed with the big boys and are making these rules to put OO and small fleets out of business.

  • Guest

    That ignornat 1-5am rule and 2 nights of it…how stupid…what if ya work nights?? Supposed to sit and do nothing??
    The 30 minute Bottle Break for the big baby??? Who is going to Burp him though?? He needs to have his warm milk break??? How on earth dd the Old Time Truckers get along with out Anne Ferro and the CSA???
    Goo Goo Ga Ga Anne…….Want to stick a camera in my face to be sure Im being good???

  • mousekiller

    The new 34 hr rule is made up using the art of dart tossing and that is where it stuck.

    It was the brain child of someone that hates trucks, Has no concept of how trucking industry operates and I assume by the ruling had about a 6th grade education and the idea never got past the water cooler before it was passed into law. .
    Lets face it ,the rule makers have very limited driving skills. Most have had less than happy encounters with a truck at sometime that was not a good experience for them.

    Due to their refusal to take responsibility for their lack of driving skills they blame the trucker for it. That is how things happen and stupid rules get passed .
    To say nothing of unions hoping to get a foot hold back in trucking so they can get a piece of it. That’s a whole nuther story.
    The 30 min break serves no purpose, it does not improve highway safety. A driver cannot get needed rest in 30 minutes. Legally one cannot use that break productively like changing a bulb or airing a tire and cleaning bugs off glass. . Doing something for safety is against the law if the 30 min break is used. WHY?

    The 34 restart is such a joke I dont use it. We recap and no problems. Some cops don’t like it because it causes them to try to remember simple math.

    In a nut shell it boils down to.
    We all are being punished for the actions of a few. So very much like in the military.

  • martymarsh

    Because you can not honestly regulate rest, no one should take part in it. They are going to do what liars do.

  • Angelwings

    I think the new hours rule suck and so do the electronic logs.
    First of all, with the electronic logs, if you miscalculate how long it takes you to get somewhere or you get stuck sitting in the middle of the highway because of an accident and you run out of hours, you violate. Plus, they make us have to be in more of a hurry. Those things are stupid.
    Secondly, with the hours, those rules just make everything worse. Truckers have always raced against the clock. Now that they have decided what’s best for us, they have made that even worse. Also, a lot of times, we may have to take our 10 hour break when we aren’t ready for sleep, then you are back on the road and then you get tired. From what I see on the road everyday, there are going to be a lot more accidents because of this.
    Why don’t they try a different approach. For one, they need to go after the companies that say they are going to refuse our loads if we are late delivering them. Also, they should implement a vital mandatory course for drivers ed of how to drive around tractor trailers. There are a lot of people that are ignorant of the dangers of playing games with big trucks and also not understanding that they can’t stop like a car. Statistics show that most of the truck and car crashes are caused by cars NOT THE TRUCK DRIVERS.

  • sandy

    You people making up all these rules are going to be sorry when all the truckers quit. Do you really think we make tons of money doing this? Every time we turn around some one has there hand out for something, or you people are passing discriminating bills for truckers. Look to the millions of cars on the road, where people are putting make up on, shaving, reading the paper, texting, eating, and pass some money making scheme onto them for once. Truckers make the world go round,its about time they get some respect, and paid fairly for their hardwork!!

  • Robert D.

    We truckers, our families, wives, husbands, friends and colleagues as well. We are responsible for the mess we’re in, Why? Because no one else is going to give a damn. Its what is expected of us from own selves that makes a difference and turns us all into better people, not crying and complaining about how hard it is, or bad it all is. Just do… something nice or not at all… strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.