| September 11, 2005

Cast of Shadows – Kevin Guilfoile

Reviewed by Bill Cummings, Owner-operator, Prime Inc.

Listening Time: 6 hours
Publisher: Random House Audio
Retail: $29.95
Genre: Mystery

Plot: A doctor’s career as a reproductive cloning expert and his personal life mix after the murder of his daughter. The doctor takes the tracking down of the killer into his own hands. But exactly what he does or does not discover is the question. His assistant, his wife and many others are keys.

What was your favorite moment? The betrayal at the end – wow!

Which character was your favorite? The doctor, Davis Moore. The story could not take place without his activities. I like him, but then again I don’t.

Did the audiobook have a message or theme? To me, the message is that no one should play God. Several characters in this story attempted to do just that.

What did you like or dislike? I liked the suspense and the unexpected turn of events at the end. But I was disappointed with some unanswered questions at the end.

Would you recommend?: Yes. It’s a mysterious novel with possibly a little insight into the future. Also, many will be inspired or turned off by the possibilities.

Narrator’s style: Peter Francis James accomplishes a difficult read while seeming to have been there. I enjoyed his voice and presentation.

How would you grade the book? B

Drama City – by George Pelecanos

Reviewed by Cathie Adams
Company driver,
Daimler Chrysler

Listening Time: 6 hours
Publisher: Time Warner Audio
Retail: $31.98
Genre: Mystery

Plot: Lorenzo has gotten out of jail and is trying to go straight, but his boyhood friend Nigel is still in a gang. Rachel is the parole officer who deals with Lorenzo. All three of them have their positive and negative sides, and it has them interacting with each other and other “good” and “bad” characters.

Which character was your favorite? I think Nigel was my favorite. He still walked the path of the drug dealers, but he also had a good side, brought his mother ice cream and was good to her.

Did the audiobook have a message or theme? The messages are about “good” and “bad” and how the two interact, and also that bad is not always bad. It is also about loyalty and faithfulness.

What did you like or dislike? It is a very down-to-earth story, and unfortunately it describes a lot of our youth today. It tells about the problems they face and how it is easy for them to fall down and not ever get up again.

Would you recommend?: Yes, to most of my friends. Some of them who have problems with foul language, even when it is used in context, wouldn’t enjoy it.

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