Free-Trade Trucking

| May 28, 2001

The Bush administration decided to implement the trucking provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement in February after a NAFTA arbi...

Mexican trucker dreams of basketball, money and driving to America

| May 28, 2001

Mexico is a funnel-shaped country that gradually rises from the flat deserts of the north to mountains over 10,000 feet as you move south to M...

At the Border

| May 28, 2001

You notice a funny thing when you talk to drivers in Mexico and in the United States about the prospect of driving across the border. They...

Do you think the U.S.-Mexico border should be opened to truck traffic?

| May 28, 2001

Abel Espino Mexico City "I would like it, but it would be hard for American drivers, who aren't used to our highways. The tolls are expen...

A Day in the Life of a Mexican Trucker

| May 28, 2001

7 a.m. - Francisco Rosas Uribe, his driving partner, Marcoantonio Gomez, and I leave their company yard outside Mexico City in an 18-wheeler f...

How Do You Feel About the United States Opening the Mexican Border to Trucks?

| May 28, 2001

Garry Cagle Baggett Transportation Birmingham, Ala. "I don't like it. It would be taking jobs away from Americans, and we d...

Heroes of the Road

| May 28, 2001

Gwinnett County Police Officer Lou Gregoire is still on patrol today because of David Zorn. A young girl is home and safe with her famil...

A Need for Rules

| May 28, 2001

Truckers often call or send e-mails regarding the regulatory environment in which they work. Few of these correspondents think there are to...


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