Clean Air

| May 28, 2001

Pushing an air filter past its useful service life is a bad business decision. A dirty or plugged air filter restricts the flow of air to your...

Making ‘em Fit

| May 28, 2001

The sun is already fading behind the ADESA Auto Auction in Moody, Ala., before Neal Ivey can load his first vehicle onto his car hauler. The 4...

Free-Trade Trucking

| May 28, 2001

The Bush administration decided to implement the trucking provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement in February after a NAFTA arbi...

Mexican trucker dreams of basketball, money and driving to America

| May 28, 2001

Mexico is a funnel-shaped country that gradually rises from the flat deserts of the north to mountains over 10,000 feet as you move south to M...

At the Border

| May 28, 2001

You notice a funny thing when you talk to drivers in Mexico and in the United States about the prospect of driving across the border. They...

Do you think the U.S.-Mexico border should be opened to truck traffic?

| May 28, 2001

Abel Espino Mexico City "I would like it, but it would be hard for American drivers, who aren't used to our highways. The tolls are expen...

A Day in the Life of a Mexican Trucker

| May 28, 2001

7 a.m. - Francisco Rosas Uribe, his driving partner, Marcoantonio Gomez, and I leave their company yard outside Mexico City in an 18-wheeler f...

How Do You Feel About the United States Opening the Mexican Border to Trucks?

| May 28, 2001

Garry Cagle Baggett Transportation Birmingham, Ala. "I don't like it. It would be taking jobs away from Americans, and we d...


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