Battle of Sugars: Sucrose versus corn syrup

Phil Owen | June 01, 2012

There is an ongoing debate in our society about which is healthier for you: good old-fashioned sucrose, otherwise known as sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. Not many people believe high fructose corn syrup is ...

West Salem offers great trails for truckers

Jeff Clark | June 01, 2012

Our Ride and Roll group is working on building a map for truckers who exercise on the road.

States looking for alternatives to trucking

Jill Dunn | June 01, 2012

FOR THE RECORD/ This year, three California ports will begin a project to move freight with barges instead of trucks.

Michelin XZY3

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/ The Michelin XZY3 Pre-Mold all-position retread is designed to be durable in on- and off-road use and extend the performance of the tread throughout the casing life.

Hodyon Dynasys APU

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/APUs/ The Hodyon Dynasys APU has a non-integrated, four-component design, allowing for fast installation.


Overdrive Staff | June 01, 2012

Truckers weigh in on how they got into trucking, young drivers, heavier haul loads and much more.

What trucking advice would you give a rookie driver?

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

Truckers give advice to rookie drivers.

Three truckstops add Shorepower

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

FOR THE RECORD/ Shorepower Technologies has added its services, which lets drivers plug in to grid power instead of idling, to three truckstops.


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