Three truckstops add Shorepower

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

FOR THE RECORD/ Shorepower Technologies has added its services, which lets drivers plug in to grid power instead of idling, to three truckstops.

Severe Service

Overdrive Staff | June 01, 2012

Cummins-Westport natural gas-powered Kenworths, tales of two super-heavy hauls and more severe service equipment and news are featured.

Eggs in the Basket

James Jaillett | June 01, 2012

FLEET INSIDER/PROFILE/ Kennesaw Transportation builds strong relationships with a select few customers.

FMCSA finalizes National Registry rule

Todd Dills | June 01, 2012

FOR THE RECORD/ The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration April 18 finalized a rule establishing a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit and Lens Sealer

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/ The Quixx product restores yellowed and hazy headlights to their original finish, eliminating scratches and stains.

Racetrack vacation

Kay Bell | June 01, 2012

VIEWS FROM THE GRANDSTANDS/ Three tracks dedicated gearheads must visit at least once.

If you could do a plant tour, what would you like to see assembled?

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

Readers share their dream factory tour wishes.

Espar Multi-Max F1000

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/ The Espar Heater Systems Multi-Max F1000 works with the Hydronic line of engine coolant heaters.


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