Garmin dezl 560 LMT

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/GPS UNITS/The dezl (pronounced “diesel”), an over-the-road trucking-specific navigation unit, has a built-in loudspeaker, 5-inch display screen, trucking-related points of interest and points-of-interest ratings that can be customized.

RigDig named award finalist

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

FYI: TRUCKING NEWS IN BRIEF/Truck information service RigDig’s Truck History Reports was one of six finalists for the top technical achievement of 2011 awarded by the Truck Writers of NorthAmerica.

Parking pinch

Max Kvidera | April 01, 2012

SMART DRIVING/Federal, state governments seek ways to provide parking availability info.

Safety groups sue over hours-of-service rule

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

FOR THE RECORD/Highway safety groups along with two unidentified truck drivers on Feb. 24 filed suit seeking judicial review of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s most recent hours-of-service rule.

Sixth-sense driving

James Jaillett | April 01, 2012

FLEET INSIDER/DRIVER OF THE MONTH/Hummer driver Rick Dearth has relied on a little luck and extra awareness to reach the 2 million-safe-mile mark.

Brake-stroke indicator for compliance

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

GEAR GUIDE/The brake-stroke indicators are designed to meet new safety requirements.

Perdue wins Navistar innovation award

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

FLEET INSIDER/BRIEFS/Perdue Farms has won the Strategic Partnership Award for truck fleet innovation, Navistar Inc. and Salisbury, Md.-based Barr International Trucks announced.

FMCSA online HOS handbook

Truckers News Staff | April 01, 2012

FYI: TRUCKING NEWS IN BRIEF/The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has produced an online handbook,, showing 30 examples of the new hours-of-service rules.


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