| March 10, 2014

This online load matching service is primarily for hopper-bottom and other agricultural freight, starting at $50 monthly. Company reps report they’re working on apps.

Google Maps

| March 06, 2014

Map your current or future location with your phone’s GPS or via input address for satellite views of a shipper’s or receiver’s location to determine your best access point and parking possibilities.

Go By Truck

| March 06, 2014

Billing itself as “automated freight brokering,” this online platform takes 10 percent of every shipper- carrier load transaction. It functions similarly to Freightopolis (see listing) without restrictions on carrier size. It also holds social and ...


| March 06, 2014

This long-established online-only load board service links carriers with freight via a website and the associated iGetLoaded app. Other services include a partnered factoring company, online forums and business software (see TruckingOffice). A version of ...

Fuel Surcharge Calculator

| March 06, 2014

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s simple calculation tool allows drivers to compute per- mile fuel surcharges as fuel prices change week to week or lane to lane. Input the base price, your mpg and current ...


| March 06, 2014

Launched in 2013, this online-focused platform is a partially automated freight-booking engine that pitches itself to small fleets (five or more trucks) as a way to “eliminate the broker” from freight transactions with greater online ...


| March 06, 2014

This company's PreClear weigh station bypassing service is managed from operators’ smartphones or from Zonar and/ or PeopleNet tablet technologies. In January, Colorado became the 19th state to roll out functionality at some of its ...

Drive Axle

| March 06, 2014

This trucking-centric mobile document-capture app from Eleos Technologies (free, with an optional fee-based cloud storage account) has integrated with Accellos Prophesy’s Dispatch software series to enable easy document sharing between operators and back-office personnel.


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