Rest in Pieces

Todd Dills | February 01, 2012

The new hours of service rule further complicates off-duty requirements in ways that could hurt productivity, though some flexibility is added.

Diversions: I'm Just Say'n

Carolyn Magner | February 01, 2012

Carolyn gives advice on Valentine's Day gifts, a controlling future mother-in-law and seeing an ex-boyfriend without the new boyfriend's knowledge.

Gear Guide

Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2012

Band antennas, an intermodal temperature controller, a stereo replacement and an aluminum dump trailer are among the products featured.

Electrical PM

John Baxter | February 01, 2012

Attention to electrical system maintenance will prevent a no-start or sudden loss of power — and extend alternator life.

For the Record

Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2012

New hours regs could cut into solo night drivers’ incomes with new 34-hour reset restrictions, plus more trucking industry news items are featured.


Truckers News Staff | February 01, 2012

Truckers weigh in on what's really causing California's air pollution, the new hours-of-service rule, this year's presidential election and more.

Roadside Attractions

Overdrive Staff | February 01, 2012

The 2011 World's Strongest Man Competition, six tons of potato pride, diesel price averages, creature comforts plus Truck Gallery, trucking calendar and many more news items from the trucking industry are featured.


Overdrive Staff | February 01, 2012

Truckers weigh in on beauty vs. efficiency, driver fatigue and the hours-of-service regulations.


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