Linda Caffee, FedEx Custom Critical

| June 19, 2013

We might deadhead 1,000 miles for a 300-mile load. You look at the miles and the total revenue, and you make a business decision on that. Can you make money on that load?

Tim Philmon, Landstar

| June 19, 2013

I try to keep in the specialized area. You’re not having to sit in line on both ends.

Blaise Verdino’s family heirloom is an 18-wheeler

| June 05, 2013

How did you get into trucking? My dad is a trucker and has been trucking for almost 50 years — so I grew up with a love of trucks. He told me a lot of stories ...

What’s your best advice for choosing loads?

| June 05, 2013

“Part of watching our expenses is watching what we are hauling. We can pull an empty shipping container, and it’s like pulling a parachute, but we can put a heavy object on the trailer, like ...

Finalist Annette Dellinger: ‘I can always turn people around with my smile’

Brett Bralley Jaillet | May 16, 2013

Having only been on the road for two years, top ten finalist Annette Dellinger refers to herself as the “baby of the bunch.” Her daughter and son had grown and moved out of the house, ...

Finalist Jessica Samko: ‘I think a smile can make everyone look beautiful’

Misty Caddell | May 15, 2013

Even before Jessica Samko became a truck driver, she had a tendency to stand out. Whether it was through riding motorcycles or attending rock concerts, she always found a way to show her independent streak. ...

Finalist Karen Moore: ‘If you have beauty in your heart, the rest doesn’t matter’

Kevin Jones | May 15, 2013

The day she finished her course of radiation treatment for breast cancer, Karen Moore was back on the road with a cross-country load of bees bound for Florida. That was in March, and she was ...

Finalist Ingrid Brown: ‘I work on myself from the inside out’

Misty Caddell | May 14, 2013

“Life is too short not to laugh, but it’s even shorter not to have friends to laugh with,” she says. It’s that laughter that defines her and gives her true beauty, Brown says. While she ...


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