Brooke Wisdom

Fleet Insider

Truckers News Staff | September 01, 2011

Carriers and truckers receive recognition and awards.

Exit Only

Todd Dills | September 01, 2011

Suspecting load tampering, car hauler Marc Pogrebneak vows renewed pre-/post-trip vigilance.

I'm Just Say'n

Carolyn Magner | September 01, 2011

Real-world mingling proves better than virtual disappointments.

Breaking Free

Todd Dills | September 01, 2011

From fighting for enhanced freedom to haul in its early days to stressing smart business practices later, Overdrive has championed the owner-operator’s concerns.


Truckers News Staff | September 01, 2011

Truckers weigh in on safety awareness week, sleep apnea, hours of service regulations and the 9/11 attacks.

Driver of the Month

Caroline Taylor | September 01, 2011

Best Cartage driver Wade Oxendine shuttled fellow students before graduating to big rigs.

Memory Lanes

Lucinda Coulter | September 01, 2011

Truckers' recollections of the first trucks, first hauls and often the first highways they pulled cargo over become treasures to them as decades pass.


Overdrive Staff | September 01, 2011

New regulations will increase truck cost, owner-operator pay expected to rise, natural gas trucks catching on and other industry news items are featured.

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