Brooke Wisdom


Overdrive Staff | March 01, 2011

A global positioning system, a heated seat, a walking beam suspension and aftermarket mirrors are among the products featured.


Overdrive Staff | March 01, 2011

A capacity shortage, a fatigue inspection, a new tax requirement and highway heroes are among the featured news items.

Lemon Aid

Todd Dills | March 01, 2011

Only one state is known for strong protection against a chronically malfunctioning truck.

Driver of the Month

James Jaillet | March 01, 2011

Bestway driver’s passion for the road propels him to long career, exemplary safety record.

Give Fartlek a Chance

| March 01, 2011

Fartlek: Most people laugh at the word, but it’s actually a good way to change your workout routine.

Smart Driving

Max Kvidera | March 01, 2011

Electronic routing programs help plot a profitable delivery path.

Exit Only

Todd Dills | March 01, 2011

New trucking show on Speed Channel strives for depth through industry portraits.

Meet the Fleet

Max Kvidera | March 01, 2011

R.E. West pays close attention money-saving factors such as oil change intervals, aerodynamics and reduced idling.

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