John Baxter

Engaging Your Gauges

| April 07, 2005

This amber malfunction light on the Mack electronic dash shows there is a stored blink code that may indicate a sensor malfunction....

Avoid Power Failure

| April 07, 2005

Alternators and batteries need regular care. Do you take your rig's electrical power for granted? Do you do all th...

The Big Footprint

| April 07, 2005

Those who work with their own tires will need to buy a wider inflation safety cage if converting to wide singles. Whe...

The Fountain of Youth: Oil and Grease

| March 08, 2005

To loosen the single oil filter on this C15, Weitzel had to work from below with a strap wrench, socket and extension. ...

Stay Hitched

| February 03, 2005

A well-maintained fifth wheel is a driver's link to safety. If your fifth wheel is not working the way it is suppo...

No Bum Steer Here

| January 05, 2005

Make sure that when you turn the wheel, your tractor goes where you tell it to. When it comes to steering, you need t...

The ABCs of CB Installation

| December 20, 2004

All you need to know to change out a citizens band radio and stay loud and clear. Without a citizens band radio to ...

No Slacking Off

| November 19, 2004

Brakes need regular attention to ensure they'll work properly. More and more equipment on modern big rigs works au...

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