John Baxter

An Unobstructed View

| September 29, 2004

Don't let failing wiper blades, arms or motors put you in danger. A great fastball pitcher will tell you his secret ...

A Shop Of Your Own

| May 30, 2004

With the right tools and know-how, you can do repairs and maintenance from simple to complex. When you've had to...

Cool Running

| May 06, 2004

The coolant drain cock on this engine is on the lower radiator hose just above the front spring. One of the valves for the coolant filte...

Smooth Sailing

| February 07, 2003

Improper oil drain intervals can be the cause of turbo bearing trouble. While most owner-operators change oil more frequently than engin...

Keep 'Em Rolling

| December 11, 2002

Wheels may make the world go around, but any major problems in the wheel-end system can make a good day turn bad. Proper wheel-end maintenance...

Pound for Pound

| December 11, 2002

If your body is carrying around a few too many pounds, your doctor might politely tell you that you're out of shape. It's common in medical ...

First Mack AC Comes Full Circle

| December 11, 2002

Thomas E. Spencer (right), who headed the team that restored the AC, drove the truck into the Mack garage with friend Carolyn Koroluk ri...

Trucking 2002

| November 01, 2002

Think of all the drivers a quarter of a century ago who thought their tractors were dream machine compared to the iron horses of the 1950s. Ta...

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