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After latest drop, diesel could be one week away from falling below $3

| January 13, 2015

The U.S. average diesel price has now dropped 8 straight weeks and 26 of the last 28. It’s also dropped more than 55 cents in the last 5 weeks.

Opening the border: Data on Mexican carriers ‘robust,’ FMCSA says; trucking groups split on decision

James Jaillet & Todd Dills | January 12, 2015

Readers note their concerns about Mexican carriers undercutting U.S. carriers. Also, FMCSA clarifies the data it used to make its decision.

FMCSA opens border: Mexican carriers will be allowed to apply for U.S. operating authority

| January 09, 2015

The move comes less than three months after the end of the agency's cross-border pilot program, that data from which has been questioned by the DOT Inspector General.

For-hire trucking gains 7,300 jobs in December as unemployment ticks lower

| January 09, 2015

The for-hire trucking industry added 7,300 jobs in December on a seasonally adjusted basis. For-hire trucking employment totals 1.429 million.

Chromed up steel hauling Peterbilt 389 glider

| January 09, 2015

Steel hauler Jeremy Anderson owns and runs this 2013 Peterbilt 389 glider, to which he's added a host of custom features.

Does federal law exempt truckers from certain state labor laws? Supreme Court could decide

| January 06, 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration Act of 1994 — which explicitly says federal law preempts state laws in such circumstances — could face a challenge in the country’s highest court this year, as Penske Logistics has ...

Brake inspection blitz places 16.2% of vehicles out of service, up from 2013 rate

| January 05, 2015

The percentage of vehicles placed out of service in 2014 jumped a few points from 2013’s record-low of 13.5 percent, but the percentage comes from a smaller sample size.

Random drug testing of truckers to continue at 50 percent rate

| January 05, 2015

Random drug testing rates for truck operators will remain at 50 percent, FMCSA announced recently.

James Jaillet

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