Kathleen Buccleugh

Amy Gladen

| February 11, 2013

Hello, I'm Amy, and have been driving for my families Logging/ construction company for 13 years. I currently drive one of our 86' 359 ext hood Peterbilt logging trucks. I love my truck so much. ...

Lisa M. McAlpine

| February 11, 2013

My mother raised four children on her own for 20+ years, always putting her own ambitions aside to work in a factory, at Family Dollar, House of Pizza, and various other jobs to put food ...

Karen Moore

| February 11, 2013

I know you will have some very beautiful women submit photos of themselves, and my photo probably won't be what you expected.  It's a photo of me getting my hair buzzed because I had just ...

Jackie Wormley

| February 11, 2013

I am a solo female owner operator. I have been driving for 12 years now and 8 of that has been owner op. I worked my butt off as a company driver for 4 years ...

No place to turn around in Chicago

Wesley Mikel | January 26, 2013

The second-place winner in Overdrive's GPS contest got lost for several hours after encountering low bridges and U-turn troubles.

In a tight spot in Clarksville, W.V.

John Forker | January 26, 2013

John Forker got lost, and it was an awful experience with a good outcome.

One-way streets and traffic in NYC

Michael Page | January 25, 2013

Michael Page didn't want to take a load to Queens, N.Y., but the pay was going to be so high that he couldn't say no.

Lost in Germany

Stanley Lippard | January 24, 2013

A reader's tale of getting lost driving a truck for the Army in Germany.

Kathleen Buccleugh

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