Max Heine

Expecting the unexpected

| June 24, 2009

Wednesday started with bad news/good news economic reports for trucking. Both involve May numbers. New orders for durable goods were up by 1.8 percent, says the Commerce Department. That’s better than expected, and a welcome report ...

Building permits among leading indicators

| June 18, 2009

Today’s report on the Leading Economic Indicators is good news. It “increased sharply for the second consecutive month in May,” says The Conference Board. The strong points include some fiscal things, like interest rates and stock ...

In memory of an ice road trucker

| June 12, 2009

Those of you who caught the first episode of this season’s “Ice Road Truckers” might recall a part on how some of the truckers who’ve died on Alaska’s Dalton Highway have been memorialized at the ...

Prices: Down for truckload, up for diesel

| June 09, 2009

If you’re thinking of getting your own authority for truckload hauling, think again. Or have some excellent contracts locked up before you jump. A June 8 conference call, hosted by Dahlman Rose & Co. with executives ...

'On those wrecks just like a vulture'

| June 05, 2009

The top three photos on the right are from my 2006 ride along Alaska's Dalton Highway with the smiling trucker, George Spears. It was published in Truckers News. If you watched the History Channel's third season of ...

June is bustin’ out

| June 01, 2009

It seems that for economic news, June is bustin’ out all over, to cite the song from the old play, “Carousel.” Well, not all over, but there were some strong items announced June 1. I ...

Managing acres of reefer freight

| May 29, 2009

What company supplies food to a third of all U.S. restaurants, cafeterias, and sports stadiums? If you pull a reefer, chances are you well know that it’s Houston-based Sysco, which each year ships 21.5 million ...

Consumer confidence and housing

| May 26, 2009

Your freight might be down, your dog might be snarling at you, but your fellow Americans are looking up, money-wise. At least relative to recent months, which isn’t saying too much. U.S. consumer confidence jumped in ...

Max Heine

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