Max Heine

Next target: Heavy-duty trucks?

| January 27, 2009

One of President Obama’s first moves was to prod the two agencies with the most influence over highway emissions into further tightening the regs.   On Jan. 26, he directed the U.S. Department of Transportation to establish ...

Werner did it. You can, too.

| January 24, 2009

Werner Enterprises brought in 7 percent less money during the fourth quarter, when the economy was spiraling down the toilet, yet its net income went up 20 percent from a year ago. It accomplished this ...

Watch how fast fuel prices don’t change

| January 22, 2009

The economy might be bumpier than I-10 in Louisiana, but according to the feds, diesel fuel prices are in for a long, stable ride.   “The EIA expects diesel prices to average $2.27 per gallon for ...

Freight’s swan dive

| January 20, 2009

December data is in from Cass Information Systems, and it looks like the year ended on a grand whimper.      After a modest pick-up during the first half of 2008, freight expenditures and shipments dropped in ...

Take that job and love it

| January 12, 2009

Last year saw 3,065 carriers of at least five trucks go out of business, according to Avondale Partners, a financial group that does a widely reported count of fleet closures. That’s 766 per quarter.             So ...

Max Heine

Max Heine is editorial director of Overdrive and writes regularly for the Overdrive Extra blog. A CDL holder, he joined Overdrive in 1998 after more than two decades of newspaper work. You can reach him at or 205-248-1038.

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