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Sophia Thompson

| November 03, 2013

No matter how bad my day goes, Sophia always makes me smile when I get home. She's the friendliest little thing. She loves to go for rides and acts like the co pilot. She's an ...


| November 03, 2013

She will stay up all night at the truck stops to make sure I am safe. She has her own seat where she keeps track of everyone and eveything to make sure I am safe ...

Harley McCreath

| November 03, 2013

Harley is a great trucking dog! He has been with us since he was 8 weeks old and loves to go trucking. Not only does he bring joy to our lives, but he also brings ...

Nala Wormley

| November 03, 2013

I had to put my dog down of 15.8 years and didn't want to go back on the road alone. So I contacted the breeder that I got my previous dog Brandi from, she found ...

Halle Woofer

| November 03, 2013

With over one millions seen through a dogs eyes, she is our loving companion, friend, child and doorbell. Halle's mission in a Woofers life is to seek out all the Cows along our route. Greg Montrenec ...


| November 03, 2013

Lily is my copilot, and my therapist. She is always ready for a day with dad in the truck . When my alarm rings in the morning she is up and ready for a day ...


| November 03, 2013

She is just too darn cute … Gerald Ward | Company driver, PAM Transport


| November 03, 2013

Cuppers is an incredible watchdog. We paid $200 for her for my son, who is epileptic. Within two days, his body jerks were cut in half. She rides with me on special occasions, and even ...

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