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| November 03, 2013

Our cat Jack has been with us everywhere on the road since we started trucking. He likes to hang out on the dashboard and sometimes sneaks his way on to the wheel where he likes ...


| November 03, 2013

My pet is my best friend! Igor Grodskiy | Owner-operator

Tuxedo Rex aka Tux

| November 03, 2013

Rescued from a Loves in Oklahoma. Saw Tux the night before dodging and ducking Semi's. Next morning he came out from under my KW and was like a shadow. Wherever I went he was hot ...


| November 03, 2013

Molson is the most amazing co driver. He keeps me company, keeps watch over the truck, and helps me stay connected to humanity, in an industry that makes that difficult sometimes. He's my best friend, ...

Diesel Rose

| November 03, 2013

She thinks that the truck is hers! She's All over the truck, but she abides the rules. No walking on the dash in front of the driver and she never tries to get out. She ...


| November 03, 2013

She is a big goof and loving cat. She brings me treats. In summer, grasshoppers and worms. Blane Ramsey | Point5 Windows


| November 03, 2013

He's the best and most loving cat he snuggles at my feet when I sleep and is very amusing to watch him try to catch the windshield wipers! Ben Wilson | Owner-operator, Autumn Transport


| November 03, 2013

Everyone loves Mike. People stop to pet him. He greets all the customers we visit. Motorist point at him and tell us how cute he is along with toll-booth attendants. He loves to ride with ...

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