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| November 03, 2013

She goes with me on every trip and has logged over 600,000 miles with me. She is the best companion and co-pilot. We have a special bond together and life on the road would not ...


| November 03, 2013

Maggie came into our lives when we lost two of our other dogs!  She’s our good luck charm. We soon found out we were expecting a baby in March after 12 years of trying. Michael Snodgrass ...


| November 03, 2013

You gotta see he's picture then you will see why he should be the next Overdrive Most Loved pet. Miguel Alberti | Owner-operator, Hauling A.S.S. LLC


| November 03, 2013

He is a lover not a fighter! He has been in all the lower 48 with me also has been in all parts of Canada!  Where ever I go he goes! Mike Foote | Owner-operator leased ...

Harley Dicke

| November 03, 2013

I have known Harley since she was a puppy. My son and ex-wife had her, but as my son got ready to go to college, his life got too busy to give Harley the attention ...


| November 03, 2013

Rita the brindle bull terrier loves her truck. Every morning she greets the truck by wagging her tail. She loves to ride and her favorite thing to do is to sleep. The back cabin is ...


| November 03, 2013

Very entertaining makes me and a lot of people laugh. And protects me Lol ..keeps the truck clean, too. I have joint custody Lol. Nick (Old Stoney) Lane | Owner-operator, Landstar Inway


| November 03, 2013

My 2 years old Moni is the cutest dog ever! Nikolay Radev | Owner-operator, United We Stand Service Inc.

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