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No More E-Z Pay on Vehicle Tax

| December 12, 2008

EXCEPTIONS TO $550 BILL If you gross over 75,000 pounds, you owe the top rate of the heavy vehicle use tax, $550. The one excep...

Freight Finders

| December 12, 2008

Successful relationships with brokers start by making them your sales force - not your boss. With CB and truck sto...

Berth Order

| December 12, 2008

I want the government to stay out of my truck. I'm 59, and I have never slept eight straight hours in my life. - Lester Nicholson of C...

Pigskin Pointers

| December 12, 2008

It's September. Time for all things gridiron, especially here in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where the Crimson Tide reigns. My humble contri...

Bracing for Winter

| December 12, 2008

Armed not only with CBs but with cell phones and Qualcomm, today's truckers are equipped to survive the harshest winters. Too bad their...

Channel 19 – December 20081

| December 12, 2008

CRASHES, BRIBES AND UFOS ARE FAIR GAME FOR THIS JACKSON FIVE In the new computer game Big Mutha Truckers 2 -...

Industry News

| December 12, 2008

AMID RECORD DIESEL PRICES, TRUCKERS DEMAND RELIEF The national average retail price of a gallon of diesel increased a whopping ...

New Products

| December 12, 2008

COMBO DROP DECK TRAILER The Transcraft D-Eagle Aluminum/Steel Combo Drop Deck Trailer comes in 48- and 53-foot lengths and 96- or 102-i...

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