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Clogged Arteries

| July 30, 2006

Congestion is a multi-billion-dollar parasite that sucks time, money and fuel from our transportation system. Here's how it impacts y...

L.A. story

| July 30, 2006

How congestion is changing the workday of LTL drivers. By 5:30 in the morning, the driver area at Jack Jones Trucking...


| July 30, 2006

A technician tightens a fitting at the discharge port of a Bendix AD-9 Air Dryer. The obvious impacts from driving in...

Traffic tantrums

| July 30, 2006

Bumper-to-bumper backups play a major role in stressing motorists to the point of reckless driving and angry outbursts. ...

Domino effect

| July 30, 2006

Trucks leave the container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. Congestion in the nation's transportation system is ...

Coast to coast

| July 30, 2006

Congestion and military preparedness helped drive a new national road system that would expedite travel and dodge urban traffic. ...

July 27, 2006

| July 27, 2006

Indiana residents Tom and Donna Kelsey use this 1994 Kenworth K-100E cabover to haul frozen ducks to California. ...

July 13, 2006

| July 13, 2006

Steve Leibow drives this 1984 Pete, with a 400-hp Cummins engine under the hood and a load of machinery and steel behind ...

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