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Short of breath?

| October 02, 2007

Careful, that might be more than age catching up with you. What's the fourth leading cause of death in America? N...

The divine breakdown

| October 02, 2007

About the Author George Ganssle is a 54-year-old owner-operator for McCollister's Transportation Group originally from Brooklyn...

High-wind hauling

| October 02, 2007

Owner-operator Al Hemerson says increased pulling power to the drive wheels helps counteract a strong crosswind's sideways push. ...

Racing Beat: The seeds of success

| October 02, 2007

Jeff Gordon worked hard to become tops in racing. He has already won four Cup championships and has visited victory l...

Music Reviews: A perfect 10

| October 02, 2007

Cowboy Town - Brooks & Dunn Since they stormed onto the scene in 1991 with "Brand New Man," Oklahoman Ronn...

Audiobooks: Hunting Manson

| October 02, 2007

The Sleeping Doll - Jeffery Deaver Reviewed by Albert and Selena Brown Company drivers, Kennesaw Transportation Listening ...

Haulin' helper

| October 02, 2007

Leaky roofs, sinking floors and malfunctioning toilets are common household problems that can be repaired with a little work and money....

Sept. 27, 2007

| September 27, 2007

This 1988 Peterbilt 377, owned by Scott Klinginsmith, has a 425-hp 3406B Cat under the hood. ...

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