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Racing beat

| March 07, 2006

Ted Musgrave Teddy Says Relax Ted Musgrave used to walk through NASCAR garages and cringe. While driving i...

Man from the country

| March 07, 2006

James Hill says he has tried to pass on to his family the self-sufficiency values his parents taught him. James Hill ...


| March 07, 2006

My Kind of Music - Ray Scott North Carolinian Ray Scott isn't afraid to tell it like it is. "A lot of peop...

Simple life

| March 07, 2006

Cyber Trucker laptop holder These high-tech devices are designed to make your life easier in 2006. Less hassle, less ...

X-tra Special reunion

| March 07, 2006

Eighteen Peterbilt 379X owners and 350 guests attended the first X Family Reunion in Springfield, Mo. The attendees o...

Trucking central

| March 07, 2006

This year's Mid-America Trucking Show will showcase everything from a new entry in the Class 8 field to workshops that help drivers tak...

Know your limits

| March 07, 2006

After reading the article "HOS Conflicts" in the December 2005 issue, I have a couple of comments. First, let me say that I have b...


| March 07, 2006

Consent to Kill - by Vince Flynn Reviewed by Bill Cummings Owner-operator, Prime, Inc. Listening Time...

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