Overdrive Staff

Bordering on hysterical

| May 01, 2007

Randy Grider Editor rgrider@rrpub.com The amount of political rhetoric and...

Too hot for comfort

| May 01, 2007

Carolyn Magner Columnist cmagner@rrpub.com Dear Carolyn, My wife has re...

Everything within arm's reach

| May 01, 2007

Susan Dyer, a freelance writer for more than 20 years, has been sharing the cab and the open road for upwards of a year with her partner...

The best singer on the planet

| May 01, 2007

John Latta Executive Editor jlatta@etrucker.com Paul was never my favo...

Finders keepers

| May 01, 2007

Follow these tips to find fulfilling, better-paying employment for the long haul. The trucking job market is a runawa...

Racing Beat

| May 01, 2007

Kyle Busch wins the first race in the Car of Tomorrow at the Bristol Motor Speedway. The Safe Choice The Car ...

The road to now

| May 01, 2007

America's earliest truckers drove machines that demanded tough drivers and offered no frills. This 1912 chain-driven Brockway demanded ...

Music reviews

| May 01, 2007

Definitive Collection - Chely Wright Back in 1994, a beautiful brunette from Kansas hit the country charts singing a song penne...

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