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Get moving, get fit

| July 03, 2007

Owner-operator John Shook incorporates an exercise routine into his Fit for the Road program. He's working his upper body using weight ...

Fleet insider

| July 03, 2007

Trucker Buddy of the Month Brenda Meacham, who hauls for Carolina Southern Trucking, has been named Trucker Buddy Driver of the...

My name is … Robert Harris

| July 03, 2007

Robert Harris My name is


| July 03, 2007

Obsession - by Jonathan Kellerman Reviewed by Clent Herrington Owner-operator, Dixie Transport Listeni...

New hurdles

| July 03, 2007

The wrangling over expansion of Mexican motor carrier operations in the United States ended - at least for now - when President Bush si...

June 14, 2007

| June 14, 2007

Shawn Barnhart of Blairsville, Pa., drives this 1995 Kenworth W900L used in 1998. TO...

Addicted to ink

| June 01, 2007

Tattooed truckers - living canvases for skin art. George Carter is a big, bad truck driver turned tattoo artist. ...

Letters to the editors

| May 31, 2007

Make Time for Exercise I'm an owner-operator with Erb out of New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada. I've been a professional driver fo...

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