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A Good Fit

| June 01, 2005

Female drivers enjoy adventure, satisfaction, challenges

And the Winner Is….You

| June 01, 2005

By Robert Lake Publisher rlake@eTrucker.com The movie industry has th...

Beware of Parking Pirates

| June 01, 2005

By Randy Grider Editor rgrider@eTrucker Ever parked on an empty lot of ...

What's Your Ideal Summer Vacation?

| June 01, 2005

"The beach is perfect this time of year in Rio Laerma, Mexico. I would like to go out deep sea fishing on a big boat." Manuel Villare...

Look Before Leaping

| June 01, 2005

Heavy machinery hauler Dave Adams, who drives for CBS Transport, says you should ask if your company allows you to take your truck home ...

Don't Run Dry

| June 01, 2005

Keep hydrated to avoid heat-related illness. When the summer heat starts to take its toll on your body, remember to...

The Gift of Experience

| June 01, 2005

Bob Elsholtz (center) with his son Matt and brother Bill after another succesful day. Handing down heirlooms from gen...

Deer in the Headlights

| June 01, 2005

About the Author Raised in the Old West, Barbara White traveled the world before meeting her husband Bill, then explored the Uni...

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