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Did You Know That…?

| July 05, 2005

By Randy Grider Editor rgrider@randallpub.com For the past couple of ...

Night Moves

| July 05, 2005

It's against the law to subject prisoners of war to sleep deprivation, but it happens to some truck drivers a great deal. For inex...

Gotta go?

| July 05, 2005

Constant need for bathroom breaks may indicate a treatable problem. Has nature been calling a lot lately? Even wors...

Fleet Insider

| July 05, 2005

PTL Drivers of the Month Samuel Maier is the Paschall Truck Lines Company Driver of the Month for March. Albert and Ida White a...

Walking in Bakersfield

| July 05, 2005

By John Latta Executive Editor jlatta@eTrucker.com So many places in t...

Spiritual Havens

| July 05, 2005

The Truckers Chapel Outreach Ministries operates out of a trailer at the TA truckstop in Cottondale, Ala. When you'r...

Lucky Creations

| July 05, 2005

A bench made out of horseshoes inspired Lindell Hunter to take up this art form. Now he has made a bench of his own. ...

Drive Safely, Eleazar

| July 05, 2005

Eleazar hadn't been home for some 13 years. He was up in Iowa trucking for some company out of Cedar Rapids or Sioux City or who knows...

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