Tara Bullock

Deaf Truckers United

| April 14, 2014

The mission of Deaf Truckers United is in removing the requirement that deaf or hard of hearing drivers obtain waivers to drive a truck. FMCSA currently requires the deaf to file for an exemption to ...


| April 14, 2014

Companion site to Overdrive, CCJ provides news and in-depth features geared toward fleet executives and managers. Like Overdrive, it sends out a daily email newsletter, and you can sign up for it at ccjdigital.com/news/subscribe-to-newsletters/.


| April 14, 2014

Web-based bookkeeping software geared toward owner-operators and small fleets originally developed by Jason Forrest for his owner-operator father. Functionality allows for tracking expenses, reporting fuel tax and much more.


| April 14, 2014

The ProMiles company not only offers a mileage, routing and mapping solution for personal computers – basic versions free of charge via the TruckMiles.com website – tools enabling easier IFTA tracking and reporting as well ...

PC*Miler; CoPilot Truck

| April 14, 2014

Sophisticated truck-specific mileage, routing and mapping management software for laptops and, via the CoPilot Truck product, smartphones and tablets (available via Windows Mobile, Android and iOS). Costs for the software varying according to the package. 

Patners In Business

| April 14, 2014

The Overdrive/ATBS coproduction “Partners in Business” is a comprehensive owner-operator business manual geared for the needs of both new owner-operators and independents. At the website, you’ll find free sample chapters, videos of the attendant series ...

One More Pallet

| April 14, 2014

This online partial load-matching service markets itself to small shippers and LTL carriers looking to fill space on the trailer. Utilizing a Priceline-style pricing model, shippers post loads and what they’d like to pay, then ...


| April 14, 2014

Owner-operator accounting and business management software designed by ATBS Business and Beyond host and longtime small fleet owner Kevin Rutherford. FuelGauges offer free web-based mileage, maintenance and other tools, while ProfitGauges for $19 monthly enables ...

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