Todd Dills

Older trucks holding value better since ELD announcement

Wholesale auction data over the past two years exhibit that 1995-1999 truck prices have declined at a slower rate than 2000-2004 trucks, particularly since announcement of the ELD mandate's pre-2000 model year exemption.

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What ELDs might mean for owner-operator gross revenue in flatbed

With recent speculation that the "mother of all capacity shortages" may not materialize with ELDs, necessarily, one owner-operator's experience making the transition a couple years back.

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Eyes on the prize: The market for pre-2000 trucks in light of ELD exemption

Pre-2000 model year trucks take on a new luster as a way out of the ELD mandate. Now might be the best time to beat an expected spike in prices.

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Christmas gifts for spot market carriers in e-commerce

According to Adobe’s digital index, shoppers have spent $1 billion online on all but one of the 35 days between Nov. 1 and Dec. 5, and Cyber Monday was roughly double that -- $1.94B. Obviously, the goods had to get to distribution centers in order to be fulfilled.

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New priorities for a new DOT secretary?: Take two

A bevy of reader voices raised in response to the question: "What would be your message to Trump's incoming DOT leader?" Issues of regulation (the ELD mandate chief among them), parking/infrastructure and driver pay loomed largest.

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POLL: What should be priority No. 1 for a new DOT Secretary in the coming year?

What would you tell a new DOT secretary -- indications are Trump will nominate former DOL Secretary Elaine Chao -- to make the No. 1 priority in the coming year?

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Minute to midnight: Clock running out for speed limiters’ first public comment

"It is obvious to me that the majority of drivers use the speed limiter setting to determine their minimum driving speed," not the maximum. --Owner-operator Gary Buchs in his comment to the speed-limiter rule proposal docket, which closes Dec. 7 at 11:59 p.m -- late Wednesday night.

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C.H. Robinson: 1st annual carrier awards

In this first C.H. Robinsson Key Carrier of the Year award program, the owner-operator category winner was independent Billy Reece of Rowlett, Texas.

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Brotherhood of the highway: Part of the goal of an ongoing collaborative auction among four driver-songwriters intended to benefit the worthy organization, after a fellow hauler passed in Gallup, N.M.

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Do you carry CVSA’s out-of-service criteria book?

Former inspector/officer Andy Blair argues the book is anyone's best resource for challenging an out-of-service violation -- and an effective tool for other challenges as well. If only its electronic version was free, readers note...

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