Say hi to Wi-Fi

| December 12, 2008

Wireless internet at truck stops is fiercly competitive, but it's more common than ever, and some highway locations even offer free ser...

A growing footprint

| December 12, 2008

Wide singles have been slow to catch on among owner-operators, but their fuel-saving advantages open the door for more sales. ...

‘Energy for sale’ redux

| December 12, 2008

A new energy drink is billing itself as a healthy alternative to the old standbys of coffee, colas, cigarettes, sharp pinches to the cheek or thigh. It's called "Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice," and it's ...

And you thought you had it bad

| December 11, 2008

Next time your dispatcher dictates a route to you, thank heaven you're talking to a human who can, theoretically at least, be reasoned with. Some of the nation's cattle ranchers are experimenting with a device ...

The one that got away comes back

| December 10, 2008

In Buna, Texas, mechanic Joe Richardson's high-school ring was found last week inside the gullet of an 8-pound bass caught in Lake Sam Rayburn, where Richardson lost the ring while fishing just a couple weeks ...

Bless the Virgin, bless the truck

| December 09, 2008

Chicago owner-operator Freddy Lagunes, pictured, dressed up his white 1994 Freightliner to give a frigid yet festive commemoration parade with close to 80 of his fellow Hispanic truckers to the day of ">La Virgen de ...

The perfect diet for stranded truckers

| December 08, 2008

">I-70 in Eagle County was closed over 43 times last winter" due to snowy conditions, according to a report from the Vail Daily published Friday. The Colorado DOT, accordingly, has finished the first phase ...

Coop back open

| December 05, 2008

Louisiana's I-10 westbound scale between Lafayette Parish and Breaux Bridge in St. Martin Parish is now back open after almost two years' and $200,000 worth of repairs, reports Steven Landry (not to be confused with ...

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