Fuel surcharge, anyone?

| April 09, 2009

Since this blogger noted his book here, Shane Hamilton keeps making headlines. It's no wonder. An excellent history of the forces at the heart of the long-term 20th-century move toward the deregulatory political climate we've ...

‘Manual for a downturn’

| April 08, 2009

K-Crossing coordinates

| April 07, 2009

O/O couple ‘pays it forward’

| April 06, 2009

Washington Post backs truckers?

| April 03, 2009

An online chat between readers and Washington Post blogger and columnist Marc Fisher about a column he wrote on the March announcement of plans to close several rest stops in Virginia yielded this remark from ...

Pure Grain’s ‘Truckin Song’

| April 02, 2009

Headed up by OTR driver Chris Taber, the Cincinnati by way of Nashville band Pure Grain blends honkytonk with traditional country, blues and rock 'n' roll toward a hard-driving sound exemplified by "Truckin Song" (check ...

Wacky world trucks

| April 01, 2009

British auto insurance portal Quotezone.co.uk hosts a list of the "10 Wackiest Trucks in the World," which include this "Big Rig Jig" sculpture by New York artist Mike Ross, built from two repurposed tractors and ...

Long-haul heist

| March 31, 2009

Well, not exactly, but what might be the next best thing is the story of 43-year-old tow driver Ollie Ray Whitworth of Fort Worth, Texas, and his 18-year-old son, Ollie Ray Jr., who were directed ...

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