Bass Man

| July 05, 2005

Flanking is also an effective strategy as it negates your opponent’s cover. As you or a teammate battle with an opponent between covers, someone else sneaks around behind the opponent’s cover and catches the opponent exposed, allowing for an easy elimination.

Finding a Field
Before traveling to a particular field, you should research fields online to ensure an experience that is worth your time and money. An ideal field will be listed online with a phone number, directions to the field, playing fee, rental fees and options, hours of operation and other information. Most fields are only open on weekends, so keep that in mind while planning a visit. Also, look for fields that welcome walk-on players because it might be difficult for a driver to find a group that will be in the area with time to play.

Web sites like and have field finders with all of the information you will need to select a field.

Featured Fields:
Here are some fields you can check out online to see what is waiting at a top field for you. They have everything a first-time player needs for an off-duty game. They welcome walk-ons, offer equipment rentals and have reasonable prices.

Paintball USA – Houston, Texas –
Headrush Paintball – Syracuse, N.Y. –
Diehard Paintball – Silver Grove, Ky. –
Splat Action – Portland, Ore. –
Christine Green

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