Big decision made today

| March 20, 2012


UPDATE: One of the people who has been encouraging me to write this book is a publisher. When I let him know of my decision, he made it official and advised me of his company’s interest in publishing this book. That means my book will not be self-published. I have a publisher.

I do not expect to make much money with this book. Expediting is a tiny, tiny slice of the larger trucking industry. I will be writing mostly for the few thousand people a year who take a serious look at expediting and consider it as a career possibility. Best estimates put about 15,000 expediter trucks on the road. Some of those drivers may buy the book too.

My publisher and I expect to sell enough books over the years to justify the project but it will not produce a life-changing sum of money.  Indeed, I expect to make almost no money at all with this book. It’s more a labor of love than anything else. Diane and I remember what it was like to be new to the industry. It would have been nice to have a book of this nature to read. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.